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  • swisslakes swisslakes Feb 23, 2013 3:59 AM Flag

    Where PC is going in 2013, Logitech short term potential catalysts & my take from Dubai stores

    from IDC PC Review: February 2013
    "IDC predicts that the imminent end of life of Windows XP will accelerate PC refreshes in the enterprise segment, driving significant growth of commercial PCs in 2013."
    from Digitimes article
    "Viewing that Windows 8 has fallen short of expectations in stimulating sales, global PC sales are expected to remain slack at least in the first half of 2013, but may rebound after Intel launches its Haswell platform in June and Microsoft possibly lunches Windows Blue in the third quarter, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers."
    Logitech 6 months stock potential boosters
    -Selling Harmony Remotes and Alert Security systems which will bring cash and cut cost and improve margins to Logitech (also focus on new mobility and PC ranges)
    -Possible Selling of LifeSize which means more cash, more cost saving and improved margins for Logitech (LifeSize 500+ employees in three office in US, Europe and Asia)

    -New Logitech ranges for Windows 8, UE Music & Mac/iPad & for Business to gain popularity and global reach to potentially offset the weak PC market

    -2nd half with new expected models of Ultrabooks, Convertibles with Haswell processor & Windows XP end of lifecycle could lure consumers and enterprise to come back to refresh their PCs
    From my trip to Dubai and visiting many stores and playing with many form factors PC and tablets and smartphones

    I saw the special offers on Windows 7 Ultrabooks and Notebooks a lot of heavy discounts, while Windows 8 Ultrabooks still price positioned in the $900-$1500 range while saw all over a place at almost any store an Asus attractive Windows 8, 11" Touch screen notebook sleek & lookalike like an Ultrabook for just $400 (i think this is the future of Notebook)

    while didn't see at all any AIO PC, nor Logitech UE Music range nor new Windows 8/Mac/ipad new accessories ranges on shelves

    i could see the iPad mini is a winner while ipad & 10" tablets top brands are bulky and heavy when compared to ipad mini which the comparison is clear when display side by side
    My Hypothetical take in 2013 (i may be wrong)

    -Logitech big news short term could be around
    -divesting part of its business,
    -new tablets desktop class ranges that convert Tablets to a PC for creation, communication and consumption
    -PC gaming range
    -PC-Tablet for Business space

    while 2nd half 2013, it will be about PC-Convertibles come back with Haswell CPUs and Microsoft Windows 8 update, XP end of life Cycle with new dedicated accessories like Audio, input devices, Wireless webcams, etc

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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