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  • emoryhowie emoryhowie Jan 23, 2014 5:32 PM Flag

    Its been an absolutely fantastic year seeing the comi-loser shorts get burned in almost all their positions!!

    Go create something instead of trying to destroy something, losers!!

    Who here thinks/believes that if you don't have a long position in the stock that you shouldn't be able to short the stock? Or, if you don't have a liability against the fluctuaton of the price of oil, that you can't take a postion in oil futures? The losers scream it adds liquidity, which is true if you OWN the property/position. Comi shorts destroy capital.

    Love to see them get burned.

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    • emoryhowie - you are a moron. You confuse the gloating of competition to the legitimate goal of making money especially after solid research

    • the ones who do legitimate recearch and do not try to manipulate the market by spreading crazy untrue rubish, do provide some value -- but deffinitely not my game .... to each his own I guess...

    • i dont have a problem with short selling, just with all the lies and malicious rumors they use to try to convince the market on their position. a short seller who is basing his position on research and analysis is helpful to me. but that is not how the short sellers work.

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      • The act of shorting was established to create liquidity for someone that OWNED a PIECE of PROPERTY but didn't want to divest of it. Say someone could short your house and drive the value and the surrounding value down? Would you have a problem with that? Its your house, right? Same thing with stocks. They are your shares. The bank/brokerage firm loans them to the short seller to sell to the market and put downward pressure on your asset. You're ok with that? How about the small interest that the bank/broker firm collects from the short seller for loaning YOUR shares to them? Doesn't that belong to you since its your asset that is being loaned? Look deep.

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