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  • trixtertoday trixtertoday May 29, 2002 9:12 PM Flag

    On Leadership.....

    Stinky's sweeping accusations about middle management are not entirely accurate. BD has a cadre of managers and directors who keep the place running. Maybe even a useful VP or two!

    What we won't miss is Brajer falling asleep in his office while supposedly "leading" his people in one-on-one discussions (actually happened on more than one occasion). There goes a leader who worried more about the cost of the Wall Street Journal than the millions he pissed away by surrounding himself with weaklings.

    Welcome back, Bill. You have work to do!!!!

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    • I wasn't a big fan of Ludwig's until this recent tough decision regarding Brajer. Kozy is a true leader and will make things happen and get people focused (and inspired). Brajer was an accident waiting to happen - those who have been appointed by him into key positions should rightly be concerned. Failing as a marketing director in Europe shouldn't qualify you for a GM position because Brajer had already screwed up with his first choice...

      BD's biggest challenge going forward will be to get something big rolling before the safety products successes peter out. There isn't alot here right now but I believe there are a few gems hidden and leaders like Kozy, Cohen, and Seifert should get a handle on it.

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      • BD still remains clueless.
        NO needless are best delivery of all !

      • Here are the facts.....
        Fact # 1 - Cohen's only concern is safety, safety, and more safety. There are many other issues coming up in the future that he's not addressing, or has missed the boat on. Infection control issues, non-needle medication delivery, etc.

        Fact # 2 - You can take Ed out of the accountant role but you can't take the accountant out of Ed. Always was, and always will be. Not a "hands on" kind of leader who has "been there and done that"

        Fact # 3 - Continued financial resources being pumped into a cancer called Genesis only further weakens the monetary power that the company has onced enjoyed.

        Fact # 4 - A sales force with "zero" morale and mostly incompetent regional managers is not good for the Street. If you don't have any motivation to work, then you won't do much. If you don't do much, then you don't make numbers. DUH !

    • Not entirely accurate you say ? The only way one would say that, is if one was one of them! Most of middle management are clueless about day to day issues involving customers perceptions, field morale, etc. Kozy does indeed have his work cut out for him. First priority should be taking Vacutainer off the high horse and changing the attitude of their salespeople...mostly arrogant individuals who think their you know what doesn't stink.

      Well the tides about to change. Watch out for NMT's new retractable butterfly and catheter. And one other company which shall remain unnamed.

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