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  • drphibeswax drphibeswax Jan 14, 2004 4:54 AM Flag

    Slabman61, Newtwo99 - RVP board

    Slabman and newtwo99 are serial posters on the RVP message board who have been spouting their drivel about some "trial" since mid 2002.

    They were posting, even way back then, that BD would end up buying RVP for $40 per share (!!!) and that the lawsuit would end up with BD paying RVP billions of dollars (I'm not joking) in damages.

    Even yesterday, they were posting that BD had "plummeted" because of the impending trial, despite the fact that RVP were down more than BD.

    Just head to the RVP borad and have a laugh at their imbecillic posts. It makes for humerous reading.

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    • Well if you doubt there is a pending trial regarding constraint of trade, then you need to be aware it's set for the first week of February. In these instances it is not uncommon for various stock valuations to fluctuate as rumors come and go. Nothing to be definitive on at this stage except BD is in for a battle. The other defendants caved at the 11th hour....expect BD to do the same.

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      • I find the desparation of these RVP serial posters utterly unbelieveable. It is downright laughable.

        No-one is doubting some small peanuts impending trial. Obviously the Street doesn't really care - 3 weeks to the trial and BD is buoyant while RVP is lower than it was 6 months ago.

        If (and it is a very big if) BD do end up settling with some small peanuts group like Retractable - they won't get much. What happened to all the money you guys got from Tyco and Novation? Where is the cash now?

        It's about time small peanuts companies started to make money from selling actual products instead of leaching from the real players in the industry.

        Slabman61 = Imbecile

    • I'm still waiting for the ink to dry on the deal that the so called expert posted a while back. Take what you read on these post with a lot of salt.

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