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  • keyman1500 keyman1500 Mar 1, 2006 11:29 AM Flag


    Not that Dividends are the main attraction to this stock; yet I can't help but wonder after crunching numbers on the Balance Sheet dated 12/31/2005 that Cash; nearly 1.2 billion, is now 18.8% of Total Assets while merely 2+ years ago at 9/30/2003 that Cash, only 520 million was 9.3% of Total Assets.

    Does anyone else expect a Dividend increase?
    What else is BDX going to do with all of that Cash?
    Is BDX looking at some acquisition targets or accumulating cash to fight off potential suitors of BDX?

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    • If they are wanting to get into the testing area how about VIVO, they make and supply testing kits for different problems to doctors office and hospitals. They would have synergies in the sales force.


    • A stock buyback announcement would be nice. BDX appears to be hitting on all cyliners and I'd be afraid that an acquisition might be a near term negative. I think it has been mentioned before that BDX might want to enter the medical testing/drug development area on their own. I can't believe they would want to get outside of the biz they know the best and are the clear leader in. I can't think of a company within their sector (i.e. med. supplies) that outdoes them. Would it surprise any of you if a JNJ, MRK or PFE took a run at BDX? BDX might be a great addtion to any of those cos. May be some monopoly issues with JNJ, but it's clear the future for some big pharmas is going to be devices, supplies, testing equip. and drug trials.
      I'm just riffing...anyone care to comment?

    • I would think an acquisition.


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