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  • librookes librookes Aug 19, 2007 5:32 PM Flag

    Becton, Dickinson and Co. Unfair practices

    I write to share how a company with such great stats can do so on the backs of its workers. Unfair and deceptive is a strong work for such a company but it fits. My brother was manipulated, lied to and ultimately fired by this corporate giant for nothing more than his age, health and to protect others in the company who were not treated this way for the same incident.
    Investors who want to invest with "conscience" should think twice about this company's practices toward its employees. This is a case of a 6 billion dollar company squashing one defenseless hourly employee.

    Three letters to Mr. Ludwig since 2002 have gone unanswered.

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    • I've worked for BD for the last 13 years. BD is one of the most ethical companies in the Fortune 500. When it comes to treating Employees, when I talk to others who work elsewhere, they can't believe how well BD Associates are treated and how good the benefits are. Ed Ludwig and his Team have been a phenomenal job. I doubt I will ever work anywhere else.

      Strong stock performance is an indicator of the company and its people. If we were all treated unfairly, you would not be seeing the performance you have.

    • I strongly agree with the 2 repliers. I worked for BD for 17 years. I was treated and paid fairly and enjoyed excellent benefits which continued into retirement. They keep their word, have high ethics and care for their employees. Except for two "reduction in force" nobody was fired unfairly. During those two RIFs, they provided double severence and worked very hard to make sure people found new jobs. During the last RIF, they put a job freeze in place for over 2 months until every one who could be moved to another position was and worked with other companies in the field to employ the rest.

      I think Ed Ludwig has done a superb job of managing BD.

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      • Yeah, I got dealt pretty dirty when I parted company with BD a dozen or so years back, but I was caught up in some local intrigue. If I had it to do over again I'd have worked a better deal for myself through a lawyer --- too soon old, too late wise, and all that. So in large part, that was my own fault for not looking out for myself.

        That said, I've always looked nack on it as a local phenomenon and I've never really blamed the company as a whole. The stock I left alone in the plan sure has been a bonanza since then, I'll say that!

        I was disappointed to see that Gary Cohen sucked $5 million out of the stock right after the share buyback announcement bumped the price. That smells like fish, but compared to what Angelo Mozilo did to Countrywide, it's pretty tame stuff.


    • I, on the other hand, worked for BD for 32 years, was treated fairly, and am now enjoying the benefits of an excellent retirement plan, with medical benefits. I was not a director, officer, V.P. or anything close to it. Perhaps the "incident" to which you refer was in fact grounds for your brother's dismissal. In every company there are rules that must be followed, and this company tries to make very clear which actions are inappropriate and what the consequences of those actions are.

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