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  • barber4y barber4y Sep 2, 2007 8:59 AM Flag

    Attention Technicians-What's Your Analysis of BDX?

    I'm new to this so I would appreciate some help from those who are experienced in evaluating the technical data. I'm seeing both some positive and negative numbers for BDX. What do you see?

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    • Heh, take free advice for what it's worth :-) I'm new to this stuff, and since there's some BD in my old SIP account I've been watching it as the context for my learning curve. creates some very cool free candlestick charts that are updated an hour or so after market closes and gives some 'automated' analysis, similar on consensustraders (a day late/delay for free version)and All are good jumping-off places for learning about aspects of analysing charts.

      To me, the interesting thing I've noticed following BD this year is this: using Google's nifty Flash-based chart, you can click on the chart and scale and move the time basis, and read off percentages, and turn on comparison to Dow etc indexes. To me, the interesting thing about BD is since they announced the 10-million-share buyback budget(some 4% of outstanding shares) last mid-July, BD has hovered more or less 10% above the market indexes. When the prices start drifting closer, volume increases and the delta returns to 10%, usually after holing to an extremely tight price range for a day. I feel like the buyback people are strategically doing this. Very roughly, 10 million shares budget for a year is about 50 thousand a day, so they can't do this indefinitely. daily volume is about 1.5 million a day, so to puff the price up on a given day they need to move more than that. Personally, I feel like it's destined to move back down closer to the post-mid-July levels as compared fo the Dow index.

      I'm just some amateur beginner, though, so take my runinations for what they're worth!

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