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  • drphibeswax drphibeswax Oct 21, 2007 9:11 AM Flag


    Vanishpointinvestor was the laughing stock of the now extinct RVP message board. He's been posting the same meaningless drivel as six or seven different aliases over the last eight years.

    If the Splatterpoint, sorry, Vanishpoint is so good, why is the RVP stock price now less than $2 and BDX is now at $82???

    Look at the Integra. It has a sharper needle, less dead volume and doesn't spray the user with blood when the needle retracts. Discussion over.

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    • Your a moron.

      The Vanishpoint won the ECRI award. Did BD?

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      • Again, the retard Vanishpointinvestor aka doc_montana etc rears his extraordinarily ugly head.

        Please stick to the FACTS, imbecile.

        The Vanishpoint did NOT "win" an "ECRI award". The Vanishpoint syringe was given a "preferred" rating by ECRI in 1999.

        Retractable immediately stuffed their feet into their mouths and sent out numerous press releases which distorted the ECRI report and put negative spin onto BD.

        ECRI did not take kindly to this and chastised Retractable, who subsequently (seems to be a pattern emerging) threatened legal action against ECRI for loss of sales!!

        Although it never went to court, it damaged the relationship between ECRI and Retractable, who accused ECRI of being "inconsistent" and damaging Retractables reputation.

        Now, the Vanishpoint is not mentioned by ECRI, who reccomend either the Eclipse or the Integra.

        Jerkoff Vanishpointinvestor used to spout the same gibberish on the RVP board. The stock is now at $2 (!!!) and is still falling, while the RVP board has been shut down.

      • Firstly, it is you're, as in you are, contraction.

        Secondly, I've just reviewed the ECRI Sharps Safety and Needlestick Prevention guide for evaluating and Secelcting Protective Devices.

        The Vanishpoint isn't even mentioned in the whole 130 pages. The BD Eclipse and BD Integra are both reccomended, however.

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