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  • sane1here sane1here Jan 27, 2009 8:55 PM Flag

    The Basher's Motive

    I have a question that I hope someone can help me with. This post is in no way, shape or form looking to stir up trouble, it's just something I've been wondering about.
    For the sake of full disclosure, I'm a current employee of Becton Dickinson. I love the company. I love working there, I love what we do for people and I love the fact that we always try to do the right thing.
    So, obviously I'm bullish on bdx. Now, why would someone like vanishpiontinvestor or ivguru continue to take time out of their busy days to come on this board to speak poorly of this company and it's stock?
    I mean, I can see someone pumping the stock if they really like the company and want to speak of it's good points. But, on the other hand, why would someone spend so much time here if they didn't own the stock and didn't think much about it's future. It just makes me wonder what their motive is.
    There are a lot of companies out there who I think are overvalued, or don't have much of a future but I wouldn't go to their message boards to continually post my feelings there. I mean, what would the point be??
    So, if someone could help me out I'd really appreciate it.

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    • Unlike you by putting up this posting, I don't need to restate something I've said before. It's credibility that will make what you say not need repeating.

      I've answered your question before;

      Re: BDX - Dominant Market Player In A Shrinking Market 13-Jan-09 10:52 am

      You also didn't answer my question that started that topic.

      Yet I have the manners to assume you missed it.

      The last time you asked however you accused me of being vanishing point even though I've never said one positive word about RVP and dislike mentioning those letters as "you know who" will fly in and change the topic. If you'd actually read what I've typed, you'd see I've exposed any chance of that product every posing a threat to BD. No thanks or anything from you for defending BD. Just the usual why am I in here question.

      I understand that you love the company you work for as you should. But the truth is you don't know your own company. And there's nothing wrong with that as there's no way for anyone inside to know it fully. You've got your job to do and that's going pretty well. Just like the guys shoveling the coal on the Titanic, from their perspective the boilers were working in top order.
      For the captain, (the CEO) it’s his job to know the company and keep everyone safe. But like the Titanic, the current Captain/CEO is under immense pressure to travel faster in limited visibility for his rudder to turn from danger.
      Back when it was everyone’s favorite secret stock it could make mistakes and recover without any panic to its investors. They'd hang on and wait it out until it eventually traveled back up. But the current economic situation exposed our little secret to the day trading world. Now any fickle move creates a drop then panic where one shouldn't have existed. Just like today’s unexplained drop.

      No I'm not here to gloat. I'm here to save this company. BDX will have to halt in the water to scale down for the decreased sales I've took the time to explain as academic. And that's next to impossible with the multitude of day traders that now hold your shares. Basically, they research about as much as you read anyone else’s posts and are prone to the same snap judgments that have made you famous.
      Worse yet, I’ll call you one of the BDX Strong Buy leaders. And the only contribution you make as to why the stock should go up is snap judgments of the motivations of anyone saying something contrary.
      Unlike you, I don’t have to stay. I’m pretty much done saying all I needed. If I leave, my words remain for all to read and ponder. You leave and all will assume you cut bait and ran. Again, in the end, you’ll have done far more damage to this company than anything I ever did.
      So here’s the damage;
      You’re CEO has chosen high profile over low and now it’s not a secret stock anymore.
      Those consistent dividend increases have pulled in even more “once burned” trading refugees.
      He now can’t even consider lowering the dividend without the snap to judgment squatters who are here in multitude go running for the hills.
      They’re here by the 100,000 and if they read this message board for advice, now you are they’re leader.
      Keep them calm and keep talking so they now you’re still here otherwise they’ll leave if they think you did too.
      If you love your company and want to keep that job, encourage only people who know what it is to actually buy it. Otherwise these refugees you are hosting will destroy this company when they flee again in mass. It wouldn’t hurt to come up with a good reason or two to actually own the stock besides that it’s medical.

    • Short sellers bash the stock trying to push the stock lower so they can cover at lower price to profit..IMO

    • You have to understand the history of this company. Retractable Tech., to this day can't come to terms with the fact that they have products that don't appeal to the healthcare community. In their mind, their failure to penetrate the market MUST be due to BD's heavy-handed, exclusionary marketing practice. The fact that they continue to spend all this time and effort to post on BD's message board demonstrates how much idle time they have on their hands. Not many calls coming in for their products.....may as well post on BD's site to stir things up. Very pathetic!

    • Succinctly put: “Ya can’t fix stupid”.

    • When someone comes to a conclusion that isn't the norm, it's natural to want to share that conclusion, convince people of that conclusion, and then take some pride in it if they turn out to be correct. I don't agree with ivguru's conclusion, but he's not a dummy, and he isn't being disrespectful. I think he genuinely believes the stock is going to lose money. I don't think he wants to gloat about it if it does, but I think he'll feel happy if a couple of people here listen to him and then save some money if the stock DOES go down.

      Again, I don't agree with him. I own BDX, and I am NOT going to sell it. I love the stock.

      But trust me, having someone who respectfully and literately makes counter-points to the stock is a good thing, I don't care how good the company is. It's always good to know that you're hearing the other side.

      I always check CAPS (motleyfool) for any stock that I own, specifically because it almost always has people making both cases about the stock. I like to read positive and negative analysts' opinions about any stock I am considering.

      One of my favorite examples of why to take a moment to listen to the bashers is here:

      The link is from CAPS, and is someone in January 08 predicting a crash in fertilizer stocks. 17 responses, mostly proclaiming that he didn't know what he was talking about. The crash happened--it came along with the market crash in October 08, but his fertilizer harder than other stocks. Now the "basher" on CAPS may still have been "wrong" as of January 08, because there was still a lot of profit to be made back then. But ignoring his pitch altogether would have been a mistake. And I don't impute any bad motive to him for warning folks.

      Likewise, I welcome ivguru in this forum. vanishpiontinvestor, well, he's here to specifically sell us on another stock. He frequently makes bold, erroneous predictions about RVP, and he seems entirely unphased when those predictions turn out false. A lot of people would have already lost a lot of money following his advice, and I think he should examine his conscience a bit as he continues to post. Even he, however, isn't posting lies or anything insulting. It's just...not really useful in my opinion.

    • So is that it, vanishpiontinvestor and ivguru? Is it just sour grapes?

      I mean, maybe it's time to just get over it, lick your wounds, and move on??

      I'd really love to hear your response... Like I said in my previous post. I'm not looking for an angry response or to stir up trouble. Just wondering why you feel the need to post negative messages on this board all the time??

      • 1 Reply to sane1here
      • Is this not a discussion board? Do you think it should only be for people with positive things to say about BD?

        The reason why I post is because I personally know 2 people (my niece and my sister-in-law) who contracted HIV and Hep. C by using BD's very flawed products. BD safety syringes actually increase the likelihood of needlestick injury. This is confirmed by the Kaiser Permanente study.

        Vanishpoint syringes are clearly a superior product, and are produced at a cost of 5 cents per unit, not 75. BD is being investigated by the Senate, and was also exposed by the New York Times about their unsavory, unethical GPO kickbacks.

    • I am also a BD employee and although I wouldn't use the word "love" to describe my feelings about BD, it is a great company and a very good place to work.

      Nobody really knows the "Basher's motive" but, look at the BDX & RVP stock over the last few years. This may provide the reason for the sour grapes.

      RVP was trading at $7.90 in June of 04. Yesterday it closed at $0.50. In June of 04, BD was around $53 and increased to around $93 by June of 08. YES, it did give a lot of this back and did fall to the low 60s. However yesterday's close was over $74.

      Bottom line - BDX has had its ups AND downs - anyone seen any significant ups for RVP ?? Also take look at RVP's website. They show as their significant accomplishment that they took BDX's pocket change to settle a frivolous law suit !! Come on ! BD payed them to go away and the way it looks now, RVP might just go away FOREVER.

      BTW - Has vanishpointinvesor ever ADMITTED who he / she works for ?

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