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  • Pembroke_Corgi Pembroke_Corgi Jan 28, 2009 11:39 AM Flag

    Good Earnings + raise profit guidance = Stock down 5%?

    Whats going on.... Good Earnings + Raise guiadnce ... but stoock down 5%... do i miss something?

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    • I don't get it either, however, I will be very tempted to buy up to another 500k shares if it hit $.06 again. Watch this thing. In recent days it has gained while the market dropped. Prior to the "recession" it often did the same thing. An omen??

    • Sell after the news because it had a pretty good run up from November lows. But with earnings and dividends raised sellers will be kicking themselves when the stock reaches 80+. All that matters is earnings and dividends and not some knee jerk reaction of some traders.

    • The market is hard to understand, my opinion bdx is down is they missed revenue, however they beat eps and raised earning guidance, also last Month they raised their dividend; a lot of companies are cutting. I bought some shares at 70.25. My opinion is this is a great company to hold long.

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      • Every earnings report for every stock I am reminded why never to buy the day before earnings. Unless a stock completely kills expectations, it goes down. Earnings per share is the single most important figure for a stock during guidance; after all, that's where we get the all-important PE ratio. Second most important thing, also right up at the top, is forward guidance, which went up today. Third most important thing would be revenue/sales. I'm about to listen to the conference call to glean whether there's any more rational reason for the drop today, but I'm not expecting much.

        On a side note, it's been a bad day for a couple of healthcare stocks today, I'm not certain why.

        The biggest news that I want to see now is what analysts say after today's report from BDX. If 12-month forecasts go up, I don't give a damn what people decided to do today.

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