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  • theskyisfallinghere theskyisfallinghere Jun 27, 2012 9:54 AM Flag


    A lot rides on tomorrow. I do not know about a takeout since you should never buy a stock based on that. Buy a stock based on mispricing or momentum for a trade.

    The Supremes are set to overturn Obamacare tomorrow. The whole thing is going down and that is good for medical device companies. I think you could get a a $3 pop or more out of that. And it might give you multi-day rally. There is no reason this cannot go to new highs on Obamacare being thrown out. Most people do not expect that and many are too negative here.

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    • threeriverspartners123 threeriverspartners123 Jun 27, 2012 11:16 AM Flag

      the 52 week high is 88 and change, but this stock seems cheap to its competitors. I was just wondering who could buy them if there was a takeover? thanks

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      • Doubt it would happen but JNJ, ABT, BAX could do it. Outside shot at Frensius and other foreign companies. Also potential buyers are other companies that might want to branch into new business like EW or MDT is possible but unlikely.

        I would say M&A is not going to happen in general given overall market conditions. And foreign buyers will be quickly ruled out as the dollar continues to strengthen. Buy based on mispricing and the great possibility that Obamacare is toast. Most are not set up for that probability as they think the mandate is severable. Some stupid nuts even think Roberts will join the liberal justices and votes for Obamacare (what IQ do they have??).

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