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  • jimduggan492 jimduggan492 Oct 19, 2012 3:38 PM Flag

    Health Care Cost for retirees.

    I just got my 2013 Health Benefits enrollment package and was shocked at a 25% increase in premium vs. last year. In addition, other costs such as deductibles has significantly increased. I assume current employees are receiving similar increases. This is wonderful news for BD retirees on fixed incomes -- Ha, Ha !! BD is not by any stretch as good a company as I worked for 20 years. I am glad I left when I did, as I don't think I would enjoy working there now. But, I still hope for better days for BD associates. I feel for future retirees, whom I expect will fare much worse than my generation. The country's leadership (big joke) and its business leaders (not creating jobs) need a dramatic awakening to the needs and concerns of the shrinking middle class and growing poverty level, who, I hope, will ultimately rise up and make big changes.

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    • As a full time BD Medical Surgical Consultant who is retiring December 31, 2012 ... following a 33 year career with this outstanding company. The AETNA 375 plan is a bargin for my wife and I. It is 1/2 of what I paid as an employee and with the same benefits. I am leaving due to the new Cash Balance retirement program ... I am with the 85 point system ... few if any have this plan any longer. The medical sales and manufacturing environment is not just BD ... it is with all major players in our arena. Hospitals are chewing companies up for cost neutral ... manufacturing costs are skyrocketing ... and Obama and the United States of America are taxing companies like BD Millions of Dollars. And your BD health Insurance went up 25% from last year ????? LOL LOL LOL It is not BD it is the insurance companies ... they all jumped for 2013. Be thankful you have the coverage you have ... cause I certainly am grateful. And to quote carter.jeff75 ... exactly ... the best way to control healthcare costs is to stay healthy.

    • Be grateful you still even have the option of having healthcare through your former employer. Because very soon (now that Obama has been re-elected), you're going to see more employers drop retiree health care coverage entirely. Raising the contribution is only the first step. Kodak (who of course is in bankruptcy) just got court approval to dump retiree coverage altogether.

    • The best way to control healthcare costs is to stay healthy.

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