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  • BDXPERT BDXPERT Apr 29, 1998 9:00 PM Flag

    The dip is over

    Glad that little dip is over. Now BDX can move forward. Low 70's are prime opportunities to purchase a leader in medical supply business. The next time we will see 60's should be after the split .

    Good luck and happy investing!

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    • This stock anticipates (CEO Castellini) a
      doubling or trebling of revenue in 4 years.

      look at the growth of revenue from their sales levels
      world-wide 10 years ago at 1.3Billion
      Acquisition is their only route,and the good stuff is outside
      the experience
      of the management. Russia and China
      only unopened Markets
      for B-D so no chance of
      doubling revenue in 4 years there.

      Delphi is right
      to question and not deeply enough in my view.

    • Hey guys, GET OVER IT!! In reading this BBS, I feel like a parent with a couple of 2 year olds!

    • At least your post was civil, except for the
      "bellyaching" part, but I'll ignore that.

      As I have said
      before, I have always admired BDX and continue to be long
      on the stock, but I think that most of you guys (or
      perhaps I should say "all" of you) seem to resent when
      someone expresses a small measure of dissatisfaction with
      the stock's performance, and every time I dare
      suggest something is wrong or that things could be better
      you guys jump all over me. I think that's an
      unrealistic attitude. There have been times in the past when
      analysts downgraded BDX (like last year when the stock
      appreciated a paltry 10%). Did they also earn your animosity
      because they dared be critical? BDX's performance has not
      always been superlative.

      Let me say this: I have
      nothing against shareholders who are bullish on BDX. I
      happen to like the company (always have) and merely want
      them to do better, but I have a right to express my
      opinion, and that does not entitle any of you to gang up
      on me and/or suggest that if I am "so unhappy" I
      should sell my shares and invest in something else.

      I'm sorry if I have offended some of you with my
      so-called "whining" or "bellyaching" posts (very strong and
      beligerent language, in my opinion), but I have no plans to
      go away, nor do I plan to make myself insufferable
      either by posting negative reflections on a daily basis.
      I said what I had to say (never expecting this
      barrage of criticism from the rest of you) and that was

      At least I am a serious investor and you
      won't see me promoting penny stocks or posting SPAM and
      crap like so many others do in other boards, so give
      me a little slack for God's sake...! I'm not the

    • All I can say is that I wish every stock I buy
      can bring me a 40% return over a four month period
      such as BDX has done. Granted, the stock has run into
      resistance at $70, but that's to be expected after such a
      quick run up. I think you should be buying on dips and
      looking forward to the next run. My opinion, stop
      worrying about what other stocks are doing! Your money is
      in BDX! If your not happy with it, sell it and move
      on to "greener pastures"! Afterall, you've been
      bellyaching about the recent stall for the last 2-3 weeks!

      No disrepect intended..but for gods
      patient!! The stock can't go up everyday!

    • Thanks for your comments, Arcco. Freedom of
      speech applies to us all, and I believe this right
      carries with it a responsibility for fairness. And, the
      right to respect is presumptive but not irrevocable. I
      cetainly stand by my remarks.

    • everyone has a right to their own opinion, we
      need to respect everyone , whether they agree with our
      point of view or not. It is true bdx has been all over
      the boards recently but as a player with them for 14
      years i am appreciative of the returns that the stock
      has brought to me. I will be patient with the stock
      as in the past, and be glad i did not dump it.

      respectfully yours

    • It was not my intention to get personal, but I
      had to defend myself from what I regarded as an
      insulting post. I agree that all of us have a right to
      express our opinion, be that what it may, and plan to
      continue doing so without offending anyone, provided that
      others disagree with me in a respectful manner.

    • plenty of room here on this board for differences
      of opinion. I've seen your posts before and they
      have been good and not personal even if you don't see
      eye to eye. Lets be carefull we don't allow this
      board to go down the tubes with small type stuff you
      know like personal attacks. Look at the MCI board and
      you will see what I mean. Good investing to you and

    • Hmmm.....hit a nerve, did I delphi? Can't wait to see your next post.

    • No, I'm not finished yet. I just want to say that
      I'm probably more rational than people like you who
      keep posting inane messages like "we're on a roll" and
      "we're gonna win" or "we're right on target.." when in
      fact the company's performance and stock movement
      could be a lot better.

      I'm not ready to throw in
      the towel on BDX yet (not that it's any of your
      business) and I will continue to express bearish sentiments
      on this board whenever I want to. If you object to
      my posts, don't read them. Open the "feel good"
      posts only and bury your ostrich head in the sand where
      it belongs.

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