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  • ImLovingLifeYouCanToo ImLovingLifeYouCanToo May 26, 1998 9:16 PM Flag

    Scotty where are you?

    This stock has great potential !!! Techs are out,
    medical supplies are in . If you want a positive return
    on your investment, I'd recommend BDX now , BEFORE
    the restructuring begins.The time is right and as you
    know my friends, timing is everything !!!

    Luck to all BDX investors !!!

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    • I have less respect for MEL's board regulars than
      they have for me. I assume you are also a MEL
      shareholder. I'll be brief in my response, as this is off
      topic, but I believe (no offense) that the MEL posters
      behave as a childish Pennsylvania clique (most are PA
      residents --though PA is not to blame...) I also believe
      that most are Mellon employees who find it impossible
      to be objective about the firm and its CEO, and who
      spend their time posting the most unbelievable trivia,
      which I largely ignore, but sometimes it gets on my
      nerves and I'm afraid I did some heavyhanded venting in
      my last post --hence their dissatisfaction with
      yours truly.

      I'm not a speculator and continue
      to be a longterm MEL investor, but I felt --and
      still feel-- that MEL's board is dominated by Frank
      Cahouet and that ego played a large role in Mr. Cahouet's
      dismissive and unceremonious rejection of BK's merger

      Enough of MEL on the BDX board. On a lighter note, I'm
      very pleased that the old dynamic BDX is back and that
      a split may be around the corner. I hope the next
      earnings release won't disappoint or we'll drop back to

      Take care and happy investing in MEL and BDX.

    • So why is it that they show you zero respect on MEL board. You definitely qualify as the "Unwanted visitor award winner"

    • I think you should apply for Clateo's job!

    • First, I hope that you mean Net Revenue vs Gross
      Profit. GP has been over 10 % for a number of years,
      because as you have mentioned, they have reduced
      costs.But again, mgmt has stated that for BDX to be a great
      company, they must grow revenue, not gp over 10%. Again,
      look at Q1 and Q2 performance w/o FX impact over 10%
      w/o Ohmeda.The biggest question you should ask is, do
      you believe that BDX has a PE ratio over 30? If so,
      buy, if not then sell.And as far as acquistions
      doubling net revenue, not going to happen unless BDX pools
      with another company. Again, if BDX grows revenue at
      10% average over 5 years, they are more then 75%
      there. But then ask this question, is 10% sales growth
      really good or just ok?I guess we will see.

    • Hope_To_Score,

      You seem to be confused
      between gross revenue and net revenue.
      BDX has in fact
      only been able to increase the gross revenue at a 5%
      clip over the last few years and grow the net revenue
      at about 13%. That tells you one thing....cost

      Now that BDX has releazied that they have squeezed as
      much profit as they can from their existing products,
      they have begun to aquire other companies that have
      growth potential. BDX feels that these companies can
      grow these companies with more effecient manufacturing
      processes and better distribution channels. Make no doubt
      about it, the aquisitions will be the driving force in
      doubling GROSS revenues by 2002.

      In the most recent
      quaterly report, you should note that Gonna Win is right
      when he mentions the companies strategy.

      As far
      as the restructuring charge, you'll recall that the
      Street reacted very positively the day that it was
      announced (stock rose 2 points). That charge is already
      factored into the price! I too, am hearing that BDX
      business has never been better! Good luck all, and please
      continue to keep us posted Gonna Win!

    • Gonna Win, I'm in pins and needles over your
      predictions. I hope they come to pass. I'm beginning to feel
      good again about BDX after a long bearish phase, and
      if in spite of the restructuring charge earnings
      come in strong I think the stock will break into the
      80's. And once the stock begins to trade in the 80s-90s
      a split would be very likely.

    • Where have you seen this documentation?If you go
      back and review BDX public statemtents, they are
      always talking about double digit net revenue growth. In
      fact, this year has been double digit growth without
      Ohmeda. Also, 10% sales growth is conservative.However,
      you mention a blowout quarter. Just remember that BDX
      is going to be taking a restructure charge, so keep
      this in mind when you look at the bottom line.BDX is a
      good company, but $85. I hope your right, but I am not
      going to hold my breath.

    • There's a problem with your plan. You see, BDX
      has only been able to grow current sales revenue at
      about 5-6% annually for the last 7 years now. What
      makes you think they can increase that to 10% each of
      the next five years?

      The plan laid out is not
      my own. It has been well documented that this is how
      BDX will achieve doubling revenue.

      As far as
      improving thge bottom line, there are many cost saving
      programs in place at the company right now, allowing the
      company to become much more effecient and therfore,
      improving Return on Equity!

      Also, look for a blowout
      quarter. This is the first quarter that will include
      revenues from the Ohmeda aquisition!

      IMHO the stock
      gets to $85 after the next earnings report and splits
      sometime around October.

    • �GONNA_WIN- I think that you are slightly off
      with your story...Try this one for size.Double your
      revenue as follows:1997 Revenue= 2,8005 year plan. Grow
      your revenue at 10% for 5 years will bring revenues to
      4,500.Acquistions = 600-700 New Products over 5 years =
      400-500.Done. Thats how you do it. Therefore, lets not make
      this into the greatest thing since white bread. Most
      "Good" companies have already done this. What will make
      BD special if they can keep operating expenses at
      about the same level they are today which will make the
      bottom line really good. Remember, due to acquistions,
      very little if any stock repurchases, so EPS will grow
      equal to net income. This is going to be a change over
      the last few years.

    • currently bdx is in the midst of a major
      restructuring plan involving all divisions , there has been
      announcements at these locations describing 2x growth. Please
      be patient and watch clateo work his magic.
      clateo has already announced a hand picked successor in
      the event he is unable to fulfill his term.
      Transformation will thrive

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