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  • delphi123 delphi123 Jan 20, 1999 11:02 PM Flag

    Small guy sells off pre-earnings...

    I've read the earlier posts and agree that if
    indeed earnings are bad and the selling was by one or
    more insiders, that there ought to be an
    investigation. Has anyone had experience bringing matters of
    this type to the attention of the FCC? Pardon my
    French but it really pisses me off when others take
    unfair advantage of their advance notice to lock in tidy
    profits and screw everyone else.

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    • <<<<<<Has anyone had experience bringing matters of this type to the attention of the FCC?>>>>>

      My apologies... I meant the "SEC."

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      • With the exception of Brazil, the dollar has
        weakened considerably vs. the Yen and other major
        currencies since last quarter, when sales were hurt

        The way the analyst meeting went in November, I can't
        imagine this management making bullish presentations if
        the quarter was off to a bad start. Unless sales went
        below plan since mid-November, I don't think this
        quarter will be too bad.

        According to this site
        they had an analyst meeting 11/16 and it must have
        gone very

        Of course, hearing about the options market is bad
        news. If you have inside information the first place
        you go is to the options market to make maximum

        If we all go to the SEC site and send email to
        enforcement, I think that will draw some attention.

      • I do not believe we have to worry about news
        leakage or insider trading. The stock went back up today
        after an upgrade by Merill Lynch. The earnings report
        came out after market close today and it looks good.
        Met expectations of a 16% earnings increase. Sales
        increased 10% due in large part to recent
        acquisitions.Tommorow the stock should go up again. Whoever sold off
        yesterday and day before yesterday obviously did not do so
        on insider info. There may have been some false
        rumors started on the street by those crafty short
        sellers so they could make a profit yesterday before
        today's rebound. My advice - keep some cash handy and buy
        more shares whenever there is a dip like that. Let
        those who would manipulate the price work for you and
        don't lose any sleep.

    • You are correct, it pisses me off too, since I am
      on the other side of some of their trades. I have
      tried before, but had no success at getting anyone to
      investigate this type of activity. I wish I knew a way to do
      it, especially if, as I suspect, some type of bad
      news is out there. I even called the company today and
      tried, unsuccessfully to talk to someone in investor
      relations, to alert them to the unusual activity in the
      options with the hopes that they will follow up to see
      who the actual put buyers were. The only problem was,
      the investor relations person, Ron Jasper, was "on a
      conference call" and would call me back, and when that
      didn't happen, I called again, and was told he was "in a
      meeting". Somehow, I feel like he was trying to avoid
      talking to me... but, maybe I'm just cynical and
      suspicious! I guess we'll just have to wait until tomorrow to

    • SEC has a lockout period prior to and after earnings reports are issued!

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