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  • StckMrktExprt StckMrktExprt Mar 28, 1999 8:14 AM Flag

    Takeover 3

    Well, People why are you being so rude about
    this?? I mean I repeat BDX will be ABT and heads will
    roll and there is nothing you can or I can do to
    prevent this unless you know some people the board of BDX
    personally and I think that might even be too late as I
    think that the deal is already sealed and done and of
    course its only obvious that heads will be rolling at
    BDX. I mean anyone would know that, why do you think
    ABT is buying BDX ?? To make it more efficient and
    profitable so, they will have to roll heads now, wont they??
    Anyway , we will see who is right and who is wrong, and
    you guys will feel bad that you have been insulting
    me the way you did. I repeat Heads will roll soon
    and BDX will be ABT.

    • You know nothing more than anyone else, yet you
      pretend to know. That my friend, is plainly and simply, a
      pure definition of 'hype'. People get mad because hype
      is not only a waste of time, but can mislead an
      investor. Someone may take action on your numerous 'done
      deal' postings. That, simply stated, is not a nice
      thing to do to other investors.

      Sometime in the
      future I believe people may be held liable for providing
      misleading information. It is a very simple process for a
      government agency to locate the name and address of a poster
      by means of his ISP.

      It is my guess that
      this is not serious investing for you, but some kind
      of emotional game. Yes, there is the possiblility
      that BDX (or BSX, or someone else!) will be acquired.
      My guess is that you want to say 'I TOLD YOU SO' if
      it is BDX.

      I for one, have no intention of
      joining your game. If a takeover does occurr, you get no
      apologies here.

      Good luck on your investments, and
      think about quitting the hype game.

      • 1 Reply to white06897
      • There is no need for the 2-year old mentalitity I
        am seeing here. I don't know anything, but I do
        study the options activity. To those that think there
        is NO DEAL, please give me some plausable
        explanation for the activity and high volatility that has
        been the case with BDX Options. This stock has
        probably traded more contracts in the last month than it
        did all of last year. WHY??? I certainly don't know,
        but I sure would like to! Since I don't know
        anything, I can't criticize those who think there will be a
        deal, and I can't criticize those who think there will
        not be a deal. I'm just looking for something

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