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  • VisualBolt VisualBolt May 11, 1999 7:23 PM Flag

    Simply amazing!

    Where did all the messages go? One day all I read
    is rumor after rumor after rumor! The next day no
    messages at all. Did someone get their hand slapped and
    now your're afraid daddy's gonna spank you? Simply
    amazing! What ever happen to the 60's when one would
    spread love instead of rumors?


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    • At a time when all of us want some intelligent comments on Becton Dickinson, money man gives us SPAM when we need fillet mignon.

    • Melnitchenko (35 yrs in the business)
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      Maybe it is time to diversify
      biotechs and get my money back.

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    • Well, well well ???

    • I wonder what you make of BDX now that it has seen such a haircut in its price?

    • internet companies that offer shares of pre IPO stock for free ----

    • I am invested in Lase would like any thought on
      the joint venture between BDX and LASE. My guess is
      that this has more impact on LASE than BDX but would
      appreciate insights from the other side. Thanks in


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    • To: buysellbuysell

      Two reasons
      substantiate any value to the theory that ABT may takeover

      1) ABT chief executive officer stated to the press
      that ABT would consider acquiring companies with a
      market capitalization of ten to fifteen billion
      dollars... only a few pharmaceutical and medical device
      companies fit that range, and BDX is one of them.

      At or around the time of the announcemnt as
      described above, there was very unusual BDX call option
      activity. Call options were so active as to make headlines.
      I don't know the specifics, but something like a
      year's worth of call contract volume took place in a few
      weeks. Now remember, this was a while back.

      are facts. I do not hype, and do not appreciate hype.
      I do not pretend to know any more than I do, though
      I have been accused of hype on this board.

      In my honest opinion, BDX is a quality company at a
      reasonable price. I am heavily invested, and have been since
      1992. The worst scenario: you own a quality company at
      a reasonable price. The best scenario: you wake up
      one Monday morning and hear the news ABT is acquiring
      BDX at a hefty premium.

      Best of luck.

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