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  • wojo1001 wojo1001 Jul 27, 1999 7:17 PM Flag

    trouble in paradise

    Not to get too personal, but is your attitude
    caused in part by your job insecurity?

    This board
    is for investors. How many shares do you

    After additional research outside of the diabetes care
    area, I've changed my mind and am now positive on BD
    (long). BD management may be better at looking long-term
    than you think. IT looks like they're making some
    tough but necessary decisions. Headcount reduction
    reduction is never painless, but if there's less prople
    around to spend $, then there's less waste.

    I suggest - grow up. Reorganization & headcount
    reduction is part of corporate America. This isn't BD's
    first reorg, and it won't be their last. BD lasted 100
    years through good times & bad.

    BD's web site
    includes an announcement that Edward Ludwig becomes the
    new CEO at year-end.
    ( It also says that he was in charge of the
    Diagnostics division in Baltimore - isn't he the one who cut
    staff there?

    Again (for investors, not
    disgruntled employees) some pain short, very good long.

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