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  • bdworker bdworker Jun 29, 1999 8:45 AM Flag

    trouble in paradise

    bd has to realize that it needs to trim at the
    top. until this is addressed the worker moral and
    production will remain lower than it could be. bd is a
    pretty good company but its management does not tap the
    resources available to it. it is too hung up on the notion
    that unless you have a bs degree you don't know
    anything. the workers see what the problems are,but
    management is slow to learn.due to this the stock price will
    be slow to recover

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    • For some addtional information on inhalers, look up the home page for INHALE (NASQ symbol INHL). They list some of their partnerships and stages of clinical trials.

    • The stability of BDX is for the long term, they
      always have been, that is why they have been around for
      100 years. They are not a short term, quick
      turn-around company. By and hold for the a lot and
      hold for the future.

      Is the company doomed? Not
      by a long shot...the decision makers certainly our
      leaving us shareholders swing in the wind. BDX's
      conservative moves from the past can not be rehashed. It has
      proven effective in the past...remember 100

      The forecasted layoffs due to downsizing is of course
      questionable. Employess are the best has been proven
      over and over again. If BDX is monitoring this...PAY

      I still consider BDX a strong BUY call for my
      financial future. Pharmaceutical companys walk the same
      tight rope when it comes to new products and inherent
      risks. Part of increasing a product portfolio requires
      risk and investment in other companies.

      recent glucose monitoring issue is a prime example.
      Since BDX does not other BGM type devices on the
      market, my best guess is that a supply technology company
      has fallen short on their deliverables. BDX simply
      pulled the plug to protect themselves and us.

    • Just a short note. has anyone considered the
      effects of inhale theraphy for diabetes. Also what is the
      impact of Y2K on the monitors, etc. Could these issues
      be affecting the price here? What will be the
      outcome of either or both. Still need injection for many

    • BS3,
      Thanks for the feed. Too much focus on
      the bean count and MIS would be a worry. Whoever
      picks up the reins after CC steps down will have their
      hands full. I am trying to figure out if the
      restucturing is a reinvent or a real advantage. Hate to see
      BDX bogged down by MIS ricebowls that could
      negatively influence the leverage capability their looking
      to gain. It's easy for this to happen if the top gun
      can't see past the bells and whistles-it's hapening
      where I work now...
      No flames please. I'm not trying
      to stir...

    • There have been a few questions, comments, and
      references to the upcoming transition to BD's new CEO. I
      hope this clears things up a bit for those

      To the best of my knowledge, the outgoing CEO,
      Clateo Castellini will be stepping down at the end of
      this calendar year. He will be replaced by Ed Ludwig,
      who is currently serving as an Executive Vice
      President. Prior to that, Ludwig was SVP, Finance/ CFO. He
      has a BA (Accounting, I believe) from Colelge of Holy
      Cross (Mass), and an MBA from Columbia Business School.
      After colelge, he was a CPA.

      Prior to being CFO,
      Ludwig was President of one of BD's operating divisions.
      I'm not sure exactly which one, but it was (still is)
      based out of Maryland, not Franklin Lakes.

      short, he appears to be as qualified as anyone. When
      Castellini created the post of Executive Vice President, he
      created two such positions, and named Ludwig and Gary
      Cohen to these spots. It was generally believed to be
      somewhat of a horserace between the two men for the CEO

      Ludwig may have gotten the nod because of his
      involvement with BD's ongoing technology and transformation
      effort, referred to as Project Genisis. Genisis is the
      company's new comprehensive IT effort that intends to link
      every bit of the company via one centralized network.
      The project was developed offsite in Paramus, down
      the road from the Franklin Lakes

      One more bit of info: I don't have the exact address,
      but if anyone is interested, look up a magazine
      called "Executive Edge." Its on the web. A few issues
      back (maybe Feb), they had a pretty good article on
      Project Genisis, and a bit about Ludwig as

      Enough for now. As always, questions, comments,
      criticisms, etc.. are welcome via email

      Best of luck to all...

    • Did you say drained by recent

      look closely. Ohmeda? B-D easily smallest
      participant in that deal !! and what new markets did that

      Clontech?? that an acquisition at all yet

      expansion in India and China? really? how much

      I have worries about all the above areas.Any

    • BD has always been a good stock mostly because
      they generated a lot cash. But as you know recent
      acquisitions along with expansions into China & India and the
      one time charges most likely have taken a drain on
      the $$$. When and if those markets kick in, BD could
      be a winner. The concern in those markets is, will
      they make money at it. The new sucessor seems be a
      numbers guy.

    • The best way to drip your future investments is
      on the basis
      1. A good sector with a
      stable and expanding market(s)

      (not mature,
      tired old markets)
      2. A good Company within the
      good sector
      (and realistic plans and the means to
      achieve them)

      3. A good management that is
      credible and able.

      Suggest not this stock.
      and probably not Ab either

      Look at some
      others in the sector .Yahoo finance gives good analysis.

    • Well Mr. piddler what can I say is that your
      doing what most successful investor should be doing. Do
      the drip thing and look at the longterm play. When
      you think you can out think this market thats when
      you get smacked like a bad school kid. I`ve done
      both, playing the timing thing and the snail pace
      investing of drips and i havebeen doing it for over 20+
      years. Guess what ,the drip works just has well, if not
      better when you think of all the stress and guessing
      that goes on when making that big decision only to
      find out it was bad timing on your part. Just buy
      companies that are producing services or products that the
      masses will use and forget the hype of some speculative
      issue that going to break you. Leave all that nonsense
      for the yahoos who will end up getting their
      whuppings in the market, they will also wise up or just
      drop up out completely in disgust. ABT is a winner
      always has, look at their history. Drips may be slow on
      the get go but stocks do split and before you know it
      you will have a hefty size portfolio. Don`t buy
      equities on borrowed monies its a loser`s game, watch
      everyone go scrambling just to cover their margin call in
      this short correction. Good investing

    • My entire portfolia went South today...except for
      BDX, which has been going south of late. I am one of
      those people you refer to as not an expert on BDX...but
      own a few shares and like to listen to people who do
      know what is going on. Do you know why BDX bucked the
      trend today? I love seeing it, although I buy it
      regardless (DRIP). I am learning about BDX (ABT is my major
      holdings) and am intersted in profiting from your
      knowledge. I read the post to which you responded and
      understand your frustration. Just trying to enter into a
      freindly converstaion about a stock I become more
      intersted in daily...well monthly!

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