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  • RLUKAC RLUKAC Jul 4, 1999 10:29 AM Flag

    BDX Any good?

    Does anybody out there think that bdx is going to start to move up at all. I bought at 30 11/16 and the stock keeps falling.

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    • The debt issue does not worry me really. The debt
      was incurred when Beckman acquired Coulter. 1 billion
      dollar of debt would require about 75 million dollars to
      cover annually. This year, the company is projected to
      have a cash flow of about $7.50 per share (About. $225
      million). In addition, the debt is a good thing if the
      company continues to run the business

      Will anybody with direct experience in Beckman
      products or business line post some thing for me (positive
      or negative). Would be appreciated.


    • According to a recent conversation with the
      director of Investor Relations at BDX, the Clonetech
      acquisition is at a fixed $200 mil done with however many
      shares it takes to sum up to $200 mil. This means there
      will be added dilution from the acquisition due to the
      lower price of the shares today, but the extra dilution
      is apparently already in the new earnings

    • Lots of it, hence low book. Kinda scary.

    • Two things are delaying the Clontech acquisition,
      according to Ken Fong, CEO of Clontech Labs.

      involves a licensing agreement with Roche, which should be
      concluded shortly.

      Second, Clontech is negotiating
      with BD to issue additional shares to us because of
      recent drop in the BD stock price.

      These two
      issues need to be resolved before the completion of the
      acquisition. From what I've seen, the acquisition still looks
      like it's proceeding as planned, just a little more

    • This company has been around over 100 years and
      has already been beaten down 42%. If it does go
      lower, keep buying and down the road you will be well
      rewarded. This is a blue chip S&P 500 company and will
      surly rebound. The money is waiting carefully on the
      sidelines to get back in. I bought it yesterday at 28 and
      change after plenty of research and can't believe the
      experts would let it get much lower. Buy it now and smile
      later this year!

    • I'm still buying...but how long do we hold out? Anybody have a feel for the bottom of this thing? Everytime I buy I think I have gotten it at a low...then it gets lower!!!

    • quirer or acquiree-- that's the question. Anyone notice big move (no news) of LNCR today?

    • When I want to look at the options tradin g in
      one of the stocks that I am interested in, I go to , then click on "Options Chain Listing" (above
      the word SECTORS) then click on "Standard", and enter
      the symbol of the stock you are interested in. To me,
      the Philadelphia Exchange has the most user friendly
      web page for getting quotes and statistics on options
      trading. Try it! Good luck.

    • Where do you find this "options" data? Thanks

    • Did anyone else notice the unusual trading today
      in the options of BDX? Over 2000 August 30 calls
      traded, and they were buyer induced. Also, 400 Dec 35
      puts and 200 Sep 40 puts traded, and the prices seem
      to indicate a spread trade. Also, there are large
      sellers (90 contracts) of the Jan 25 puts (Expire 2001)
      at 2 1/8. It seems that the order flow is buying the
      near months and selling the outer months. This would
      seem to make sense if you believe that the company is
      going to be taken over. REMEMBER, I AM NOT SAYING THAT
      Any ideas out there, any whispers ...??? Thanks.

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