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  • sealockw sealockw Aug 14, 1999 11:12 PM Flag

    problem area

    Doesn't Pfizer's soon to be released inhaled
    insulin worry anyone. BDX is the worldwide leader in
    insulin syringes. I assume a huge chunk of their profit
    comes from the sale of needles. If inhaled insulin is a
    success, no diabetics will use BDX syringes. The stock
    will get creamed. I would like to hear that the
    company is aware of this threat and is taking action.
    Will somebody please pat me on the head and tell me
    everything will be alright. Thanks.

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    • BDX. To-day finished a cash deal,two hundred
      mill. and purchased Clontech Lab. Inc.Some times, your
      clutch slips a little when you take on a extra heavy
      load, but I think you can feel a good healthy pull from
      now on...BDX. is changing its face, it takes time,
      but its in GEAR and doing it.....I hope we see a
      bright future on the horizon.....And I'm not

    • I visited BD's web page and feasted my eyes on
      the logo. If it weren't for that stupid "smile" at
      the bottom, the logo would be attractive, that is, if
      it were limited to the rising sun, the white dot and
      the grey half-moon, but that curved white swath makes
      it look like a smiling face. I can't believe that
      they actually wanted the logo to look like a stupid
      grinning face.

      However, I'll say this: BD's
      initials are everywhere but few people realize that this
      company even exists... Every time I mention Becton
      Dickinson to friends and acquaintances they've never heard
      of it, but they know names like Johnson & Johnson,
      Pfizer, etc. I think the company needs to find an
      identity. For example, everyone knows Ace bandages, but
      nobody knows BD makes them.

      Having said this,
      I'm not quite sure the logo is going to do much for
      BDX. I think that's just cosmetics and/or PR bull but
      it doesn't get down to the root of the company's
      problems. I also do not think that they'll be dropping the
      "BD" from their packaging. I guess the letters will
      now be accompanied by the stupid face. Well maybe
      they're onto something ---one look at that picture and
      who can forget it....!!!

    • Check out that new "Global Brand" Logo at Looks like a smiley face morphed into a blinded
      Pokemon. The Orange by the way is Corning Labware Orange.
      Take a look at the old stuff in the drug store before
      it dissapears and you'll see they have never
      excelled in packaging or design. The one thing folks
      recognized was the "BD" in styled 1890's fonts that
      expressed the character and stability of a hundred year old
      company quite well. This new logo tries too hard and wont

    • Y knot,

      I agree its a nice thing to do "branding" across the board. But this will not revamp the company.

    • <EOM>

    • I believe that BDX will be bought by PEACE MENENDEZ ASSOCIATES. They will have enough funds from their vigurous activity in the internet arena... And it would help them pay their rent...

    • Tyco's healthcare group. They seem to aquired the competition to JNJ - United States Surgical, Kendall, SD&G etc...

      If they do come a knockin, look for a 25% reduction in staff.

    • I am not so sure whether this is really such a
      bad news to panic. I read some where that this method
      is costlier. Then my instincts tell me that the
      method will not be as effective. Then of course this
      product will come into the market after two years.


    • for one poster's opinion.

      You have to admit that the current price is attractive to possible suitors.

    • What are you yelling about? I asked a simple and
      civil question about how the needleless delivery system
      might affect BDX's market share (and thus earnings and
      thus stock price). I said nothing about "hype" or BDX
      not caring about their shareholders. Where are you
      coming from?

      My point is that BDX is down
      significantly. Companies do fall into tailspins. Companies do
      get caught off guard. Industry and technology changes
      do sometimes leave heretofore industry leaders
      scratching their heads. If you agree that this is possible,
      then perhaps you would also agree that it is healthy
      to notice what is happening in the industry and ask
      questions about how these developments might affect our


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