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  • dedsure dedsure Oct 11, 1999 12:16 PM Flag


    have some quiet respect please..

    there's investors dying the death here!!

    this is BDX ...not a place of entertainment!

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    • who bailed today with all that volume....ouch

    • Even though I am IRISH I too am offened by slurs
      of any kind whether they be racial,ethnic
      religious... et al. This is the good old USA and there is no
      longer any room in our diverse society for these type
      slurs. BTW I state this as a strong Republican
      Conservative not that that has very much to do with the
      subject at hand. Good investing to you and the others on
      this board.

    • About earnings:
      Yahoo gives the earning date
      as Nov 4. Is this accurate?
      What I'd like to know
      is what you think the market reaction will be if
      they meet, but do not beat their estimate for the
      This is their 4th quarter.
      Thanks in

    • Enough with the ethnic slurs!! I am personally offended by these comments. If the man should step down because he is ineffective, so be it. His ethnicity has nothing to do with it.

    • Lufkin,

      I have to disagree concerning
      morale. The people I know within the organization feel
      that even without the current CEO, that business with
      Ludwig will be the same as usual. There needs to be a
      high powered and high profile successor to make a
      morale change at BDX. Many field personnel are
      frustrated with unclear roles, geographical confusion and
      compensation dilemmas. Also upper management are just tokens
      to the administration in charge. I don't see and
      brights lights or innovation at this company. MAJOR
      changes need to be done hear not musical chairs.

    • by the Board. There will be a huge morale boost after he is gone to Italy.

    • If the HE you are referring to in your original
      message is the CFO, Ken Weisshaar, I believe probably did
      the best he could in his job. (Not that that is a
      It is the higher than him that make the decisions.
      He just puts out fires. Clateo's GOOD OL BOYS CLUB
      runs the show. More likely the whipping boy of the
      month for Clateo. They have been in and out like a
      revolving door. And it really helps you if you are Italian.

      Ed Ludwig is a FINANCE GURU or thinks he is....Very
      hands on and probably didn't agree with Ken on
      anything. I can't say who was right. But by the looks of
      the financials, NEITHER!
      I am SOOOOOOO glad to be
      out of there.

      I am taking my 401K and running
      fast. Or should I take the BDX stock in common shares
      and hope for a buyout???
      Any advice?

    • He is as good as fired. I agree Italy is where he belongs.

    • There is a new industrial process .-Cheap.May
      work on All needles.

      Using hydrophilic polymer,
      causes needles to become safe.

      It's being looked
      at. You heard it from Dedsure first.
      Good Luck to
      all BDXers

    • BDX had already visited BPLX some time back and
      didn't want to pay squat for rights==>You get what
      you pay for, right?
      For some UNEXPLAINED reason,
      JJM/JNJ became a strategic partner of BPLX...go


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