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  • roonwm roonwm Mar 23, 2000 4:55 PM Flag

    watching e-mail

    Another typical day for BDX - a dismal
    perfofmance on a day when the market in general soared.
    Doesn't anyone care? Where is the sense of outrage among
    shareholders? It's painfully obvious that nothing is going to
    occur internally.There certainly appears to be a
    do-nothing Board of Directors.By way of contrast,look at
    Campbell Soups, which only yesterday replaced its CEO.This
    is not to say Ludwig should suffer the same fate -in
    all fairness he has not had sufficient
    time.However,why not put him in complete control by naming him
    Chairman also(in place of Castellini)? Perhaps then he
    could demonstrate some boldness and show Wall Street
    that the Company is serious about improving
    shareholder value.It is extremely depressing to see the
    Company barely make its numbers quarter after
    quarter,indeed year after year. After a little spurt recently to
    $34 a share,probably based on some biotech hype, the
    stock has drifted back to around $30.Also,there doesn't
    seem to be any remote likelihood of a takeover. All in
    all,a very gloomy scenario -as said at the outset,where
    is the sense of outrage? IT'S THE SHAREHOLDERS'
    MONEY !!

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    • The Lincoln, Nebraska Journal Star
      ( ran an AP story on 3/23 announcing a $30 million
      state tax incentive package for a proposed $146 million
      plant expansion and creation of 287 new jobs at the BD
      Columbus plant. The next day, the stock dropped to $28
      while the market rose. Makes no sense. The Columbus
      plant is the flagship mfg. plant for needles and some
      syringe sizes, and is the location where new products
      (i.e. safety products) are initially produced. I am a
      former employee, and a significant part of my retirement
      account is BD stock. Top management may have made some
      mistakes, but they have also done a lot to create the
      demand for the new safety products. Since BD owns the
      market for syringes and needles, this is the best area
      for domestic growth. They are clearly interested more
      in the long term health of the company than in
      short-term market manipulation. That's just fine with me.

    • IS this because of email police?

      Does anyone have any idea about the MEDC relationship
      and whether or not this is a piece to the long term
      puzzle or just some garnish for a potential suitor of

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      • Well BD is back to where it began at $28 per
        share. The take over BS is over, and now that the smoke
        has cleared what remains is the same old BD. MR
        I think that the market
        will take this stock lower trying to break through
        $25. At present
        it is a good short. There is
        nothing to propel this stock. Management has zero
        credibility with the Street, and the major income producing
        product lines continue to age. The financial returns on
        acquisitions over the last several years have been poor. Much
        money has been sunk into a plant in China which now is
        looking like a questionable move.
        What is there good
        to talk about? Tell me MR PELLIGRENO I am all ears.

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