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  • pressure46 pressure46 Mar 23, 2000 1:54 PM Flag

    watching e-mail

    I understand that management has come down hard on emploee use of e-mail. Could that be why this message board has dried up?

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    • The market did what's the plan Stan?

    • It makes a great deal of sense. Maybe after this fiscal year. Would I buy..Not for an average 6% return.

    • Dear jtlily44:

      There are a lot of rumors
      that BD might spin their life-science business off
      very soon. This sounds similar to what HWP has done
      with Agilent. Their stock also went up considerably.
      BD's life-science business is over 1 billion $ and
      might boost BD's stock price considerably when spun
      off. It includes previously independent companies like
      Clontech, PharMingen and Transduction Laboratories to name
      just a few. They still have a considerable growth rate
      and might do well as a seperate unit if corporate BD
      keeps their hands off.

      Now is probably a good
      time to buy the stock unless the stock market totally


    • Yes, you are correct I have owned the stock for
      many years. I have a very low cost basis,
      and keep
      it because it has been a steady 6% performer in good
      and bad economic times. However, it is not a large
      part of my portfolio. I have not purchased and
      retained shares in years.
      As to whether to sell or buy
      at this time would depend on many factors each
      different for each individual. If I did not have a postion
      in the stock, and I had a 3 to 5 year horizon, I
      would not buy. You can do much better with another
      investment. If you have a longer time horizon and are willing
      to settle for an average 6% growth then a small
      position could be considered at these prices. If I had a
      cost basis of say $25 to $30 I would hold until the
      end of fiscal 2000 and then sell, if I had a 3 to 5
      year horizon. The consensus EPS for 2000 is $1.61.
      Assuming BD can get a PE multiple of 20 then this equates
      to $32 per share.

    • look at GDT BAX and Big Drugs like BMY LLY SGP, they alll have been flying. BDX is gonna catchup!


    • This is about the biggest jump for a long time and when the market is down--any reason for this??? I can't find any info--would appreciate any input.

    • I suspect your ownership of BDX stock long
      precedes virtually everyone currently using this message
      board. Given this experience and your comments, do you
      see the current share price as an opportunity to buy
      (and why) - or a reason to sell (and why) and invest
      elsewhere - if one is willing to invest long term - at
      least 3-5 years? What has been your approach to buying
      and selling BDX over the 25 years you've owned the
      stock? Thanks, again, for the thoughtful analyses.

    • on BD's current dilemas and futuristic insight,


    • As a recent Franklin Lakes refugee, I can say
      that batman's summary is right on the mark.
      Additionally, last fall, the company seemed to be paying more
      attention to it's stupid logo and division ID fiasco, then
      trying to decide if it wanted to become a more high tech
      company. Some of the project leaders realize that many of
      the company products, such as tubes and needles, will
      ultimately become obsolete in western countries by the
      increased use of point-of-care (POC) devices that analyze
      blood and give results at the patient bedside. This
      trend to higher tech devices is gradual, but
      inexorable. BD is good at making simple things well, and in
      quantiity. But then, so are other companies (ie, Greiner),
      and the other companies do it for less cost. BD
      cannot seem to make up it's mind on the commitment to
      the future. Management talks the talk about
      obsoleting BDs own products with better technology, but then
      turns around, and scales back R+d budgets, cancels
      projects, or outsources efforts a few token high tech
      projects. Why? They are bad managers, and they are scared.
      They are pinning their hopes on:
      (1) that the
      recent aqquisitions start adding to the bottom line, (2)
      that the new safety needles (Med Design) bring in a
      higher GP in mature markets, and (3) newer third world
      markets will accept having the old, very low tech,
      non-safety products dumped in their laps. Considering the
      opportunities in this stock market, those of us who are in the
      market to make money have no justification leaving their
      money in this old sow's ear. The stock is dead for now,
      will be for several more quarters, and at best, can
      look forward to the 'good old days' of slow but steady
      growth. Those who are nostalgic for what was once a good
      company, stick around for the memories. The rest of us
      will move on, thank you.

    • I do believe the share price will revert to as
      you put it "slow upard progression". However,
      speculation of 10-12% p.a., is too high.
      I would say an
      average of 6%, or 2% higher than average inflation. One
      thing good about BDstock is that it has a low Beta, so
      that it does not necessarily react to volatile market
      swings. Like I said it is a steady plodder. It still
      continues to have dominant market share in the syringe,
      needle and vacutainer (blood drawing) markets around the
      world. The diabetic syringe is one of the bread and
      butter products because of low cost to produce,
      volume and very high gross margin (in the area of 70%+).
      It ever a more efficient, high volume devise is
      introduced to deliver insulin,
      then BD will suffer a
      serious blow to its profits, unless of course they are
      the ones to come up with the new delivery system.
      Historically BD has purchased its technology,
      and its R&D
      is mostly for support of existing products rather
      than for developing new products. It is a stock you
      must hold for the long term to make any money. Why own
      it? The answer is as a hedge against a market down
      turn. Look at it as a safety valve. However, it has
      historically a low dividend yield, as if it were a growth

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