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  • strnge_luv strnge_luv Dec 14, 2000 2:22 PM Flag

    Click and Mortar Strategy

    BD is going to have trouble making up lost market
    share to competitor's because of their inability to
    bring the many satellite organizations together with
    one common eCommerce strategy. BD is 'waiting' for
    one of its many sub-organizations to emerge as the
    clear leader for its sputtering .com iniatives;
    meanwhile, BD's competitor's are becoming the 'go-to'
    organizations on the web. Every major market segment (clinical,
    diagnostics, supplies and accessories, etc.) is already
    controlled by competitors that allow purchasing and purchase
    tracking functionality within one simple site. Very few BD
    sites can even provide a complete product listing- and
    even fewer actually sell products online. This is
    pathetic for a >$3.5B organization with vast resources
    and expenses already dedicated to web/IT development.
    And don't be cynical about the detriment this will
    cause BD as it continues to drop market share to
    organizations that are already catering to national
    purchasing/distribution agents.

    If you want a clear example, go to
    their web site ( and search for Accutube.
    You'll probably find all kinds of information- except
    how to actually order it. This is an inexpensive
    product that could be direct-shipped fairly easily from
    any of BD's many distribution centers. But BD would
    rather tell you about it then sell you a

    BD's value will really diminish if it's web iniatives
    don't grow beyond brochure-ware.

    If it hits 40,
    sell. Definitely sell by 06/01 regardless.

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    • You couldn't be more right, but also wrong. BD
      does NOT have any sort of intelligible web presence -
      their web/ecommerce strategy is only one step higher
      than a simple user's home page. There are quite a
      number of reasons for this, from the lack of management
      to effectively articulate a meaningful IT strategy,
      a complete paucity of skilled and knowledgeable mid
      and upper level IT managers, as well as the
      encouraged friction between various divisions within

      The simple fact is that the IT resources within BD,
      such as they are, are devoted almost entirely inward -
      towards BD's internal problems and processes. This would
      not be so horrible if there was any progress being
      made in this area. But the simple fact is that no
      progress is being made. BD does not always hire the best
      and brightest, and when it does it tends to squash
      them under the wheels of corporate

      Witness the abortion also known as Genesis....this
      misbegotten disaster which will probably cost each of us
      shareholders somewhere around $10 per share. BD has loaded the
      project with employees who were unproductive or unneeded
      in their previous capacity and were therefore

      That is BD's typical way of solving technology
      problems - throwing bodies and $$ at a problem and hoping
      it will disappear just because you want it to go

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