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  • franksue13 franksue13 Feb 23, 2001 12:10 PM Flag

    60 Minutes WILL HURT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Big Kahuna (Mike Wallace)will not put BD in a good position!!! This can't be a favorable article at all!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be very negative and will knock the big kid on the block down a few notches!!


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    • profanity is a feeble mind expressing itself forcefully

    • Nah, I'm sure you'll get tired of yelling the sky is falling sooner or later. Plus, after that last barrage of wit showing your literary prowess, I'm positive you've exhausted your vocabulary.

    • Bullshit! This is just the start!

    • BD has spent over 500 million dollars and hundreds of thousands of hours on this problem. BD has over 200 safety engineered items which is far more than any other manufacturer. BD met with 60 minutes last fall and they have chosen to reject what BD told them. After it was evident what thier intent was and BD chose to decline to go on air for an edited interview that would serve to reinforce a BIASED interview. Think what you want but here at BD we have pride in what we do for whom we do it.

    • From 60 Minutes.....
      "as many as 600,000 needlestick accidents occur every year."
      "The monopolistic people who were in control of the buying that goes on in American hospitals went out there and blocked it."
      "I really thought this was about a marketplace and innovation."
      "What [BD does] is take the conventional products�put a sheath over it, or�add a cylinder to cover the needle instead of really looking at the design needs."
      "..dump this old inventory."
      and finally...."BD executives wouldn't agree to be interviewed, but say hospitals are free to buy any products they wish..."

    • I don't recall thier description of free enterprise in my economics class. Free enterprise doesn't mean let your compeditors take your market share without a struggle.

    • "Let the court of the free enterprise system decide." bdworker.
      I think 60 Minutes was talking about the free enterprise system. But it's not my decision, let the courts decide.

    • "occasionally stick a CARELESS medic or nurse."

    • BDX has been in the business of disposable syringes for a long time. They always had pointy needles which could occasionally stick a careless medic or nurse. Then along comes a better product that might be safer. Better becomes the enemy of good. This does not make BD a bad company. Only in lawyers' logic does BD become unconcionable because there might be a better product available [at a cost].
      The needle biz has become a commodity. Pricing pressure is heavy and margins are slim. BD makes its profits on more sophisticated medical delivery systems and diagnostic products. That's where the valued added is, not in hypodermic needles.
      You shorts just love to bad mouth. Hope y'all are breathing hard right now. Better start covering real fast.

    • How sensitive was Mike Wallace? He doesn't seem to care that he was bashing a respected bio-medical leader in the industry. What nerve! This doesn't belong in the courts. Lidagation is not always the answer. Let the court of the free enterprise system decide.

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