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  • demagogue_dean demagogue_dean May 8, 2006 11:40 PM Flag

    I work with Cognizant contractors

    they work cheap. But unfortunately you get what you pay for. Then again cheap is just barely good enough for most clients, they want throwaway solutions anyway.

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    • This is the reality of this company

      cheap ass employees

    • All these coolies are cheap

    • My dearest rollins1679:

      In an extraordinarily weak attempt to discount my postings you say "Your life must be pretty damn easy if these are the issues you take so much time researching..can I be you?..please"

      To this, I say the following:

      1) I subscribe to the National Geographic, and vividly recall the issue. IMAGINE! India, a country which claims to be modern and 1st World, with an active and depressingly Medieval social system!

      2) As any I.T. person interested in keeping current with the industry, I subscribe to MANY industry journals. How could any even HALFWAY interested person not remember an article like the one I posted?

      I will admit to the "easy" part, however. Armed with google and a few key words, I found those links returned with the first few sites returned. Bottom line: TWO QUERIES, two answers. 100% efficiency. Two minutes duration.

      Yeah, life is pretty darn sweet when you have a good memory, you know what you're doing, and you're motivated.

      So, to address your actual question: "Can I be you?", I'd say that you have not displayed any of the three above-mentioned characteristics...ergo, you CANNOT be me.

      Sorry to report the bad news, but it's that you know, rather than stay caught up in that fog you're currently living in.

      Regards and good luck,


    • Rip...Your life must be pretty damn easy if these are the issues you take so much time researching..can I be you?..please

    • "Indians live in mud huts and treat their women like filth...I don't even know what to say to this really silly observation.."

      First, you mis-characterized what I said - I didn't say ALL of them did live in mud hut (or whatever - "abject squalor" would have been a more accurate term, but certainly MILLIONS DO! MILLIONS!

      Regarding their treatment of've never dealt with an Indian male first-hand, have you?

      How about THIS little jewel, on "Dowry Deaths":

      Hmmmm....OR, would you rather talk about how there's no slavery? Point your brower over here:

      THEN, come back and let's talk.


      Warm Regards,


    • itusa...he lists his location as "Tokyo"...he might not be a U.S. citizen...

    • Considering the current trade deficit we are not winning at that game either. China holds over a trillion dollars in negotiable US bonds. They almost own us. We keep hearing GDP is up but GDP includes government spending. That is all cash borrowed from the world.

      Trade is not in people. Trade is usually in goods and services performed over seas. If congnizant was fully overseas and sold software packages here that would be trade. I have nothing against fair trade but importing DOTS to displace Americans is an immigration issue. Not a trade issue. If you are for open borders. Then you must only consider the United States a market for cheap goods dumped into this country. I think you must not value the phase, "We the people". This is the preamble of the constitution. Try reading it

    • American firms want tax breaks for importing cheap Dot labor. Which I had to train as a condition of my employment.

      My bitch is this is a still a sovereign nation. True capitalism does not pervert the market place by lobbying congress to allow the global corporations like CTS to exclude from employment American citizens. Just because foreign labor is cheaper does not mean that you cannot find an American. This is what CTS and the rest of the body shops imply when they are sending the checks to Senator Spector. This corporation's business model is based on lies. That makes it's shareholders lying scumbags

      Indians are not stupid but they are being given opportunities denied to US citizens. The United States is more than a market. It is our country and we should have a right to work in it first.

    • I was unfortunate enough to read this thread and here are a couple of my observations...I do not remember all the people slinging mud but this was one of the worst threads I have ever read....

      Here are a few clarifications ...

      Firstly American companies hire Indian consultants over so called smarter American employees...Hmmm..I think Americans are smart and obviously hiring Indian consultants makes sense. The only people crying are the ones who were not good enough and lost their jobs. Blame that on capitalism but I say it is a system that works..

      Indians live in mud huts and treat their women like filth...I don't even know what to say to this really silly observation...50% of American couples get divorced or break up if not more and as for treating women well..I don't want to say anything on that. Living in mud huts is a bad thing ?? says who ? I think its cool and perhaps they are happier than you !

      Most American companies are dying to invest in India and you are making stupid observations about India..I love America and I love democracy and India is a democracy and hence I like it better than China..I have some choice words for you but it would be a waste of time !

    • "and treat their woman like filth"
      who gives the best head in the world, you know.
      They consider that really filthy...what do you say...

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