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  • realitycheckman realitycheckman Jun 20, 2012 5:04 PM Flag

    Want to know the future of this stock?

    You newbies want to know the future of this stock?

    This hick did this same trick 7 years ago with ATC WITH THE SAME TECHNOLOGY and bilked thousands of people of millions of dollars including me to the tune of 6 figures with a smile on his face and a bucket of lies on his lips.

    You wonder why I'm here??

    Because I told woody after screwing me all those years ago it was my job to make sure he never has the same opportunity again without warning the masses of willing koolaid drinkers that this is a scam was then and is now!

    this technology is almost worthless!
    It's not going into: tv, autoomotive, cinema, signs, kiosks, ipod players, computer screens, toilet seats , or behind the bar budweiser neon signs! it's not going anywhere but to the gullible investor hoping to get in on the ground floor of a gazillion dollar opportunity that is as vaporware as is a mind control app for an Iphone.

    want to see how the story ends? just do a search for ATC HSS and the Lrad products from ATC and Lrad Coproration it was ballooned in exactly the same way from a few dollars to more than 14.00 pps and then sold off to the lemings who would believe the master showman's lies.
    His own words to many of us was "Sell your _ _ _ _ ing stock, someone else will buy it there is a sucker born every minute and there is no way my company will ever make money it simply sells hype for real dollars on an international market to anyone wanting a chance at the lottery"

    Invest all you like but know the story on this looser before you plunk down your hard earned cash, this guy is a master scammer and this is his 4th public offering and his pump machine will sell you into the ground.

    You have been warned.

    GLTA and don't even think about investing here

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