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  • realitycheckman realitycheckman Aug 17, 2012 11:13 AM Flag

    sound of the New PAMT HSS

    This is a cross post from the Lrad board but related so enjoy!

    as an answer to Chris's request of "Has anyone heard the new pamt speakers yet?"

    Heard them at the first tradeshow hellwood and his minions attended, sounded just like the old HSS stuff from Atco/Lrad day's well except the point where woody the circus show clown was saying, did you hear the new effects? huh did you hear it?? come on everyone hears it?????

    LOL his favorite story as a kid was probably "The Kings NEW Clothes" the little tale where a taylor of fine suites convinces the gullible king that he has made a suite of the finest mystical thread and it is so mystical it is invisible and convinces the king to go out in public nekid!

    My experience was the NEW PAMT speakers were the same other than Hellwood had a small hidden woofer in the booth to try and convince people the system had more bass content.
    He picked up that little trick from the companies making tiny 3 piece systems like Cambridge, Bose etc.

    Chris you did right selling PAMT when you did it will probably sell down hard from the 11 something "bought up" PPS high point.

    So I have to ask did any one else on this board buy Facebook put's on opening day?
    I have to admit I should have bought more than I did, but I'm really pleased with that particular story.

    GLTA and heed tweetie's warning and don't forget to sell this Lrad (PAMT as well) junk you can thank me later

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