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  • fannyross271 fannyross271 Sep 23, 2011 10:59 AM Flag

    Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Religious Affinity Fraud

    It’s one of the worst things they could do, prey on people who are susceptible because they trust you implicitly. But that is exactly what conmen do – they take advantage of you because of your faith and end up making you lose all your hard-earned money. Religious affinity frauds exist because people trust in their faith and because they are not aware of the lengths that fraudsters go through in order to cheat people out of their money through illegal means. Follow the link below to find out more about religious fruad:

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    • Listen, Sport, you THINK everyone needs Jesus. You do not KNOW everyone needs Jesus. I know I do not need Jesus, but based on this I do not extrapolate that everyone does NOT need Jesus.

      Keep yer religion to yerself, will ya?

    • Except, you know, the majority of the people who have ever walked the face of the earth.

    • Fanny you just don`t get it do you? Sad how someone so smart can`t look around and see that there is not a higher power. Everything that is made or has been created has order. There is no chaos. At this point you look around your room and you see solid matter. It is not. It is held together by energy as molecules spin in orbit. There are 11 dimensions that we know of. Your body is just the housing for your soul which is pure energy. Energy is not created or destroyed. Our plane or dimension is like a giant lightning bottle for that stored energy. Only God can remove that energy to another dimension. We have ghost that walk amongst us but they walk with out a physical body because they are energy and have not left this dimension. Elijah who was not dead went up in a Fiery Chariot. Some say UFO or was it a vehicle of GOD to transport a living soul to another dimension. Yes Satan is in control here. Maybe we should call this world his prison where he can`t escape . Now ask yourself why we come here in the first place? We come here to learn. This world is a classroom. Satan and his demon army can never go home to heaven. Remember he was the right hand angle of God. He was a archangle. So we come down here with no knowledge of GOD but those that truly love GOD find their way back to him because we embrace the light. Others embrace the darkness of Satan and material pleasures of this world. The whole BIBLE is GODs plan to see who really loves him. As Job do you love me for what I give you or do you love me because I am GOD. Jesus was GOD in the flesh. He give each of us a ticket out of here. To get it you have to believe in him. In revelations you still get a second chance if you are left behind. But wait there is more. For 1000 years GOD will rule this world in the end and it will be a great time for the world and he leaves and lets Satan out. Those that do not love him turn back to Satan again. GOD weeds out those that love him and those that don`t. You should read Revelations to see what is going to happen. In the end the devil and his crowd will be sealed in the lake of fire forever and this earth as we know it will be purified by fire. There will be a new heaven and earth and we will serve the Lord with all our hearts and mind forever. That is some big fairy tale I guess you think. If you are the one left behind it will be a horror movie.

    • The real frauds here is the Hedge Fund oversea which floods market with millions of naked short sell shares and the shorties gang like you are the member who forever wish for the price to go down. Negative folks like you should be ashame of yourself.

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