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  • petekook petekook Nov 20, 2012 10:29 PM Flag

    Told you all to sell at 2.42......

    But all i got was #$%$ bashing me. Touche chumps.

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    • You see how wrong you were don't you?


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • People bashed because we're long-term, I own shares from like 1.04 and they're staying in my portfolio for years.... No better time to start amassing the portfolio, then when it's at it's lowest.

      So I'm not going to sell off all my shares for a few bucks profit when I planned to hold for $1000s of profit after a few years of continued growth.

      Therefore, cool you made some quick money... Sure I sold a few shares, but still own 90% of my original purchased share lots because that's basically the intentions of EVERY other person in this stock... Sit on it and forget about it til it makes the huge pops back up as it repays TARP and continues posting positive profit quarters.

      People called you a #$%$ because you say SELL NOW like it was going to tank to sub pennies, which is far from the case.... It's just in stagnation mode like it is EVERY quarter, then reports come out and boom... it goes up another 30 cents. Happens every quarter.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • You De Man diloution and the TARP man comming soon.

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      • i wouldn't say that, i screw up plenty, but i just don't see any reason for it to go much above book value. Went back east this summer and saw some of their branches......dumpy little banks in run down cities with absolutley no excitement value at all. Banking is all going online as well, so how does SNV compete??? At a 1.19 i loaded a bunch as a rebound play but at 2.42....???? Well maybe it gets to 10% over book but still that isn't too exciting. AAPL under $550 is exciting (-:

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