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  • rchakrav rchakrav Dec 13, 1997 10:16 PM Flag

    going down

    I think snv will dip 3-4 points based on valuation, then I will reverse the short and go long on it.

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    • For info on Universal Card/Citicorp, check message #22 on the TSS message board

    • I hv a concern re. TSS business with the purchaser of the ATT Universal Card....whether it will be lost, as it is about 20% of TSS business. Anyone hv any info on what may happen?

    • Check out their website at

      I think that TSS is a very exciting company in the dull field of credit card processing. It contributes 20-25% of SNV's income. TSS expect to go from 3000 employees now to 5000 by 2000. Also their new software(TS2) is year 2000 compliant. Short sellers have been blasting TSS stock this year. A short squeeze could occur.

    • Here is more information.


    • Another recognition for this fine company - named # 11 on Fortunes 100 Best Places to Work in America (refer ). This goes with the recent inclusion on the S&P 500 index. Both are indicators of a well run, stable organization.

      I'm in for the long haul - why not at 30% returns year in and year out!

    • Hey rchakrav, you might be right and I am glad you know this is a stock you should probably be long in. However, don't you
      think you would have more fun shorting a hubris ridden butt-head like Larry Ellison. Blanchard is the antithesis of Larry Ellison
      and I like the particular brand of magic Synovus continues to weave in the market. By the way, you could have made a killing on
      old Larry recently. Synovus is solid and I mean solid as any company in the world period. Reverse field and go long, you won't
      regret it. Of course it won't bother me if SNV dips a few points to help you out I am up so much over the past 10 years here that I
      can wait a little dip out anytime to keep getting approximately 30% returns a year. Good luck, but I think you ought to short
      somebody full of hubris like Ellison, they ususally deliver like the old saying goes "Hubris comes before a fall".

    • It is far better to do research and view stocks as a part of a business. Instead of get in and out, hoping for a quick buck.
      A long term investor (who does his or her homework) will have far more than those who think that they can be profited by
      trading their stocks actively. Those who know this company will hold on to their shares, very much like an owner of a well managed
      company. Those who think they can outsmart the "market" will not profit much from their trades, even any profit at all will be spent
      on tax and commission. I am holding on to this fine company for many years to come. It's a good company.

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