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  • kg2931 kg2931 Sep 8, 2003 10:35 AM Flag

    New to Coinstar

    Bought a few shares in my IRA acct last month at 13.75. Can someone tell me why Safeway dropped Coinstar's machines from it's stores?

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    • Brain fart, that's all. No meaning. I keep my caps on at work, and then when i post i never shut them off. I'm not one of those that put any meaning to caps anyway. I'll give you a bunch of these !!!!!! If i'm trying to make a strong point anyway. Lol

      let's see what tomorrow holds....

    • as well..but why do you shout! Those caps are killer on the eyes.....Good luck to you!

    • I'm not ridiculing them (shorters), it's just that i read a column by someone about 6 months ago that pointed out the negativity that surrounds shorting stocks that i haven't been able to get it out of my mind. This guy said essentially it should be illegal. And he represented his case so well that i was like "well, he's got a point there..."
      and he also pointed out a couple of companies that essentially tanked because the stock dipped so low on rumors and speculation and that when the company wanted to raise some more capital, their hands were tied because the stock had dipped so low with noi reason besides short selling and rumors that put shareholders into a panic sell.

      hey, as far as i'm concerned, to each his own. I could are less if everyone made a killing on the market, just as long as it was at nobody elses expense. That's all. Good posting.

    • Your post before last was excellent! I believe are keeping this one on emotion and a gut feeling.Sometimes emotion is the way a stock moves..not tecnical..I however freaked and there are always buyers and sellers...Thats why its called trading..There are well respected people who short stocks..Kramer, rogers, motley dont ridicule them shorters cant ruin a company..because if the plan is solid the shorters will eventually have to cover..what can ruin a company is bad mgmt! thats my beef with these you can really hide the truth..they should be more upfront! Thats all...good luck all

    • I'm only accumulating cause i have a good feeling about this. Doesn't mean i haven't done that before and lost my ass, too. You do what's best for you, and good luck. I wish everyone could make a ton of money...

      ... I just have a problem when a company (i'm not saying this one) and their stock get crushed due to shorting. I've seen good co's take a beating solely because of short selling. I don't consider that "investing", just gambling with what is essentially the shareholder's (and "investor's) money. But you can't keep people like that from making a living though . . .

    • thank you. guess i'll lay low a while too.

    • Its called a "squeeze play"...

      they didn't just leave and say "that's it, we're making our own..." they tried to get another 1-1 1/2%, but cstr wasn't about to sacrifice their business model. Imo it would be too costly an undertaking for safeway to actually do. My guess (and it is a guess i'm betting on by accumulating shares at these prices) is that they'll lay low for awhile and then come back. Agreed with cstr's handling of the situation both by not sacrificing their business model and by laying off unneeded employees. Everyone is doing it. You cannot survive by carrying unnecessary workforce. The rise in most companies during this market upswing is due to cost cutting as opposed to actual growth. That is why right now we're in a jobless roecovery.

      if and when (i'm betting "when") business swings back around, either new business, the return of safeway, or the eventual walmart signing, cstr is well positioned to blow the lid off.

      some might agree with me, and others won't. Tech analysts like beerman will hit you with a bunch of bullshit numbers like macd and typical shorter ratios, but you have as much a chance looking into a magic 8 ball. My 8 ball said buy, so i will continue to . . . Not afraid to disclose i'm sitting with approx 3000 shares with a average of around $14.75. So yes, right now i am losing. That's why i never liked short distance races . . . Nor have i ever bet on a fast starter at the belmont stakes....

    • I think Safeway is extremely stupid.

      If I bring some coins, $10 for example, to a Coinstar machine in a store to cash, it is very likely that I will spend the $10 in that store. If the store does not have the machine, I will go somewhere else to cash and spend these coins.

      A Coinstar machine only uses a very small place. It can even make the store look little bit better.

      I could not understand how stupid the Safeway bosses are.

    • safeway wanted a bigger piece of the revenues and the two sides could not come to an agreement.

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      • to add....

        ... which was the best move cstr could make in a bad situation. had cstr broken down and gave into safeways supposed demands, it totally would have crushed their business model and all other clients both big and small would have come screaming for the same thing.

        the loser here is safeway. giving away free cash for maybe 6-10 sq ft of floor space. lets see if the gumball machine they put there makes them as much money. bet your portfolio that within 2 yrs, safeway will be back with their tail between their legs.

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