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  • stockplusmoney stockplusmoney Feb 7, 2013 12:17 AM Flag

    GANGNAM STYLE unbelievable stupid/idiot peoples on this board

    I never seen more useless #$%$ on an investors board like YAHOO before and why YAHOO allow #$%$ like this I guess that why they are turning into #$%$ themselves, and what are these Buffoon doing investing??? DUH now to a more serious note, those that are serious about CSTR - I think a straddle between 60 call and 40 put will work either way, give it a nice swing but am leaning toward their

    Growth Rates YOY if you know for the past couples of years.
    Expected Quarterly Earnings: (27.0%)
    Expected Quarterly Revenue: 11.2%
    Expected Annual Earnings: 127.5%
    Expected Annual Revenue: 93.9%
    Previous Annual Earnings: 245.8%
    Previous Annual Revenue: 25.5%

    Please intelligent comment, debates, recommendation ...e.g are all welcome

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    • They are about to blow out. The estimates say .73 to .76 depending on the source aggregate (raised 3 cents in the past month), the whisper is up @ .83 cents according my due diligence, so don't be surprised when they post .90 (judging from my own deductions only), a revenue beat, and shorts get fried. The only thing holding this down is long term over 40% short interest, eventually they will have to close it, and if they were smart they did it on the recent dip, because otherwise, it's not going to see under 50 again for a while. Oh yeah, and how exactly does Netflix have 4 times the worth with 1/9th the earnings? The only concern I really have is if they really lowball the forward guidance due to launching new initiatives. That would make your straddle worth playing.

    • assuming a close at the 52.50 area tomorrow you may want to do a 45-60 straddle. more balanced. IMHO

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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