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  • wyattkap wyattkap Jul 22, 2010 6:17 PM Flag

    China-Big Boy On the block:

    Couldn't get the full article to post, but another heads up on what is happening behind the closed doors for China and their acquisition of all forms of energy. China knows, has the money, and has the patience to gobble up assets and let the science come to them. I've been in Prince Rupert, BC lately, and with their new port bringing in goods to the US and taking back energy products has just gotten started.

    China's Silent War for Canadian Energy
    By Keith Kohl | Monday, July 19th, 2010

    It isn't easy to find a hotel in Fort McMurray at dawn...

    That was the problem my friend and I immediately faced upon arriving in town.

    And if it weren't for the beautiful view, I would have been more distressed than I was.

    I've shared this with many of you a while back, but for my newer readers, you can see just how stunning it is:

    Soon after snapping that picture, my friend had managed to bribe a hotel clerk to check us into a room.

    It was your typical hotel room, yet had one unique feature (at least, something I had never seen before): Everything was labeled in Chinese.

    And I mean everything.

    From directions to local attractions and restaurants to instructions on how to use the television, it was overwhelming. Part of me even expected to see the Bible covered in Chinese symbols, but that wasn't the case.

    Right away, I knew what was going on.

    China had set its sights on the 175 billion barrels of bitumen buried underneath the Athabasca oil sands deposit.

    And now, nearly three years later, the same thing is happening again...

    Quietly taking over Alberta's oil sands!

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