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  • mikegoesforit mikegoesforit Oct 14, 2010 12:13 PM Flag

    1 billion to find and purchase oil sands assets

    Toronto equity firm looking for billion-dollar oilsands deals for client
    By Dan Healing, Calgary Herald October 13, 2010 Edmonton Journal

    Toronto-based Abacus Private Equity announced Wednesday it has signed a deal with a sovereign wealth fund client to find and purchase oil or oilsands companies or assets worth $1-billion-plus.

    Chief investment officer Jean-Marc Bougie said the partnership deal will allow Abacus to buy in on the resulting purchase or joint venture agreement at a lower level than that taken by the sovereign fund.

    “We have an agreement with a sovereign wealth fund — so effectively extremely deep pockets — and the mandate we have with them is to identify $1-billion-plus oil plays where the objective would be to either take a participation or outright purchase of the entities or assets,” he said.

    He said he could not identify the partner because it has asked to remain anonymous.

    Bougie said the agreement gives Abacus more financial clout than it’s had before and it’s hoped that putting out a news release on the deal will both bring attention to Abacus and scare up opportunities for investment.

    “We want to let people in the oilpatch know we’ve partnered with a sovereign fund,” he said. “Obviously, we’re already speaking with the usual suspects but we want to make sure people understand that we are a serious player.”

    Several sovereign wealth funds have invested in Western Canada, starting with Chinese CNOOC Canada, which paid $150 million for a 17 per cent stake in MEG Energy Corp. in 2005.

    Last year, PetroChina paid $1.9 billion for a 60 per cent interest in two oilsands projects owned by Athabasca Oil Sands Corp. and Korea National Oil Corp. made a deal to buy Harvest Energy Trust for $4.1 billion.

    Abacus has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary and about 40 employees.

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    • Thanks for the info Mike. I'm an ex stockbroker and my guess is the 1 cent trades were wash trades for one company or person to get a great tax loss as they moved the stock to another company (all owned by the same person or people) Give the broker a better deal to pull it off (or they own the broker firm also and used this to get a tax loss AND also better fund the broker company it becomes a -win win win! TRIPLE WIN!). No one is that stupid to sell that few shares for that low price without a specific motive or motives(s) behind it. Tax loss, Fund the broker firm, keep the stock position. NICE!!

      Further-what a great news release in 9 months after this winters work to expand the reserves or other extraction processes get going! Look!!!- this stock is up to $1 and it was a 1 cent stock! Look at us moving forward. ON the negative side-the lower the stock does trade-the easier for insiders to take advantage of funding with warrants and options at stupid prices as they load the boat for themselves bleeding money to the company and fully knowing we are sitting on over $1 BILLION in oil in the ground and it could easily grow to $2 or $3 BILLION in reserves as we expand the drilling program and/or the extraction process get more efficient and productive. No matter what-this stock is a screaming BUY! As we enter the tax loss period of trading-It could drop to 5 or 6 cents/share. Just more reasons to load up some more. Take Care

      • 1 Reply to wyattkap
      • Wyatt, you could be right, I think it was a mis trade personally and I thought they would cancel it but there it is on the 52 week low, all on one trade for 14 dollars.
        As I said they need to get off the OTCBB but last time I talked to them they said they didn't want to spend money on that.
        Hope you're wrong on that .05-.06 though!!!
        Take it easy.

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