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  • wyattkap wyattkap Dec 30, 2010 10:43 AM Flag

    clueless is back!

    I see the 22 cent gap is filled today. And then their is Sugar! Clueless about the many steps and many years that all need to be taken one at a time to prove up a oil reserve requiring new technology to make it viable. Why is there people on every board I see that blame 100% of what happens to them on someone else??? Where is common sense in doing your DD and then make an informed decision and take on your own responsibility for your own actions. It's too bad you bought into the newsletter hype several years ago, BUT to be fair, oil prices did drop to about $32/barrel after all that hype and ALL oil companies and all Canadian oil-sands type companies dropped BIG! That put the brakes on investments and if you recall the
    Canadian Government also got greedy on the hype period-made some negative tax moves on oil companies, and then had to back down because they were killing the Golden Goose for Canada. That also put the brakes on available development money of new properties.

    BUT: All those negative events created the opportunity we see today. I admire this company as it has keep things moving forward during a questionable oil market period, have maintained 100% interest in the property for its stockholders, and have not diluted the stockholders to death as they have moved the properties value & knowledge forward.

    All I can say is you should do your DD better and not buy into something that is clearly over priced for where the company is in its EARLY development stages. I have not looked, but I think you made that 2 cent call a long time ago. Go ahead and wait for it, that is what creates markets (buyers and sellers with different opinions). I'm a buyer at these levels and I feel the ship is now stating to sail with out you. But that is my opinion only. Good luck to you and have a Happy New Year!

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    • Thanks for the great message, especially the part about being responsible for our own actions. I am currently underwater on my 100,000 shares but I am optimistic about the future price and if I don't sell I don't take a loss. I have been averaging down with the garage sale prices so when this does go back up I will be better off than I was before since I will own more shares.

      Good luck to all, and do your own due diligence, the stock market is all a big casino so choose your game and stragegy wisely.


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