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  • wyattkap wyattkap Oct 1, 2013 7:58 PM Flag

    Jay Bull-You have quite a long list of STUPIDITY Posts on MANY SITES

    WOW-The biggest cry baby I've seen on these Yahoo sites. YOU crying about DNDN and all they have been doing losing market share, their drug has little to no effect and they can't make a profit. I SHORTED that stock via buying PUTS way back when it was over $40/share. YOU have quite a track record of picking #$%$ that goes along with your BULL SH$# Name.

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    • "the drug has little to no effect" that was your quote gunslinger referring to dndn's "provenge" YOU just committed a felony via federal wire (internet)...hope you are happy... I told you you were going to get into trouble...congratulations!!!!!!!!

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      • h_alfaro Oct 6, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

        A felony via federal wire? Really, so Yahoo is now a federal enterprise and our friend wyattkap will be on trial in a federal court, meanwhile his posts are coming out of a federal prison. Please inform us on his bond status, I'll be willing to bail him out.

      • lying bag of dirty diapers!!! your a willful sinner!! you must be stopped! don't go out in a lightning storm

      • Ha Ha Ha! Read their own reports! Look at the competition eating their lunch! Note how top management is paying themselves MILLIONS! Look at the LOSSES! YOU LIVE IN WALT DISNEY LAND my friend! A cross between Fog Horn-Leg Horn and the Wiley Coyote as I see your remarkable comments. TIME to shut you off my computer as you are a cartoon character at best and not worth any more time to help. But, I'll be watching your predictions of 9 cent Strata in Jan and DNDN will LEAP to $15 any second. GOOD LUCK to you. BYE BYE

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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