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  • lemonyelow1 lemonyelow1 Nov 23, 2005 12:47 PM Flag

    How sweet it is!

    You dodged a bullet. Something else to be thankful for, but don't get too smug -- not only do I stand by my "we'll-see-25-before-12/31 -- now, the rank amateurs who don't know a lackluster quarter after it's reported in painful detail, are denied the pitiful excuse of "I don't want to sell at a 'discount' from its high water mark." (well, it's as small a discount as it's gonna be, guys & gals.)


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    • I certainly am willing to keep smugness out of it. I am curious to understand what catalyst you expect will cause the stock to drop to 25?
      The earnings are out as you say and the weak hands(I just hate that expression)have bailed. The ones left that might be tempted to sell are those who bought on the dip and are now up a few points. I do not see that scenario causing a large drop between now and end of year. BUT hey , I am just a little dog and pony show compared to the big dogs that can snap up a few thousand shares at will.
      I would think a mention in the "Fool" will be at least a small positive.
      FWIW.... Does DWSN set rates by a contract for a specific period going forward,or are rates adjustable at any time?

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