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  • howcomethisdoesnotwork howcomethisdoesnotwork May 17, 2013 2:22 PM Flag

    May 2013 Newsletter: QE Cyclones

    My May 2013 Newsletter:

    Listen carefully.... Do you hear that huge sucking sound? .. that's growing in the distance? Like a gigantic massive cyclone or powerful hurricane centered across the skies. Its sucking almost everything insight up, its sucking up investments in products and services now, in real estate too, and other investments from around the world, money is leaving businesses, and resulting in shrinking capex, earnings are slowly declining as capital is used for investing in QE based in vogue assets, labor market is shrinking, real estate is cooling, oil, gas, commodities, and gold is dropping. As capital is used for more productive QE based returns, searching harder and harder for yield and all flowing into QE sponsored stock markets, and specific currencies. This is the full effects of QE on a global scale, that huge sucking sound and power, pulling paint off cars, pulling slow and long term investment out of everything less sticky! It may continue until divergence gets too great between 3-18 months. Buy Nikkei and QE beneficiaries only! Its QE, and its creating deflationary effects on other capital investments indirectly, its the new world financial order this year.

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