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  • keeperoftheq keeperoftheq Dec 10, 2005 8:26 PM Flag

    QUALCOMM and QSound


    What is your problem? I read what qsand1us found on Qconcert and I dug a little further. Wouldn�t you dig a little deeper if evestor2002, ctoads or others like yourself posted some useful information that would indicate QSND troubles were coming to an end? Instead you are relying on mistruths and deception to sucker people into buying some stock. Don�t you have any shame?

    You keep insisting that Qconcert is QSND even when evidence was posted using material provided by QCOM to the SEC showing that hundreds of products are using the QCOM chips with Qconcert.

    Why don't you try to explain why hundreds of products are out there with QCOM's Qconcert yet QSND has not received any revenue?

    Plenty of evidence using links and exact quotes from news releases and SEC report support that Qconcert is not a QSND product.

    Why don't you want to face the reality that QSND is in danger of delisting?

    If you did half the research that qsand1us myself and others have done about QSND, you would be much wiser about the company that you claim to be investing in. Who knows, you might just be able to make a little money.

    I have called the company before and the best that Paula can do is dance around the subject and not give a direct answer. But that is expected because she gets paid to make QSND look good not discourage investors. Besides that, no company will provide you information about the company that has not been release to the public in a press release or an SEC report.

    As stated before I do research on QSND because I trade QSND. I have made money on the way up and on the way down. When QSND makes a move up for no reason at all I will short it and cover my short as investors get frustrated and sell sending the share price down. When I cover my shorts, I will watch to see if QSND gets over sold and buy shares at that point. (QSND was oversold at the $2 mark.) This is a cycle that happens all the time with this stock.

    What I will not do is lie on this board in order sucker some poor chump into losing his money. Only an ass hole would stoop that low. There is no shortage of liars on this board.

    What I will do is take advantage of the huge swings in share price to make money.

    I guess I should be thankful for those who have been pumping this company but on the other hand some sucker loses his money because they believed the lies posted here and on other boards.

    At this point in time I see nothing in place that would indicate that the increase in share price is sustainable. Either news will come and not be a big score or no news will be released before the end of the year. Either one will not be good for the longs. (Company officers did not liquidate their common shares because something big was happening.)

    It is easy to make money off this stock. I do not treat this as an investment. That is why I trade QSND not investment in Q.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • No basher. You are not here to "trade QSND." You only bash. You have been here for 5 years. Same names, same bat channel.

      When QSND was at $2.00 you wrote how it was going to be delisted. Now QSND is at $4.00 and your patter is just the same.

      You care not about truth. All you care about is whether you can somehow twist things so that your bashing appears true.

      The fact that QCOM and QSND report (either by news releases or by phone) that QCOM has QSND in their chips must be denied by you, just as you deny most interesting facts about QSND.

      QConcert is NOW in QCOM's chips. QConcert is QSND's QXpander. No print of it? Call QCOM if you are afraid to call QSND. (You have told me not to call QSND. How about QCOM?)

      So basher, you insist that you are more than one basher? Interesting... Three guys flock around QSND's discussion thread of a Saturday just to convince me to sell QSND because they wish me to believe QSND is not in QCOM?

      This is over your head, isn't it.

    • Well there you go again trying to confuse them with the facts. Now cut that out!!!!


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