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  • keeperoftheq keeperoftheq Mar 25, 2006 11:53 AM Flag

    <<<Delisting Concerns>>>


    Once the shareholder equity falls below the $2.5 million mark and the market value falls below $35,000,000 QSND will be delisted if compliance is not regained. For those of you who are short on math skills, that is a closing bid price of $4.07 or less.

    Remember this loan "will not" have any effect on shareholder equity.

    Here is the link to the NASDAQ manual.

    First lick on the link for "4300 Qualifications Requirements for NASDAQ Stock Market Securities"

    Then click next until you see rule 4310 for the continued listing requirements.

    Here is a direct quote from that rule.

    B) For continued inclusion, the issuer shall maintain:

    (i) stockholders' equity of $2.5 million;

    (ii) market value of listed securities of $35 million;

    (iii) net income from continuing operations of $500,000 in the most recently completed fiscal year or in two of the last three most recently completed fiscal years.

    <<<QSND dodged the bullet by less than $70,000 for the 4th quarter.>>>

    "It was not a matter of if, it was a matter when"

    Shareholder equity is total assets minus total liabilities.

    The lender will have to convert this to shares or QSND will have to turn a profit in the 1st Q 06 to keep shareholder equity above $2.5 million NASDAQ continued listing requirement.

    QSND has over $900,000 in quarterly expenses.

    There was NO revenue generating news so far in the 1st Q 06, with 1 week left to go. I can not see how QSND will come up with the needed revenue to prevent delisting.

    To be fair, QSND does have the option to sell shares on the open market to raise shareholder equity, but that would only help tank the share price.

    QSND could get a private investor. The odds of that are slim. The $1 million loan supports this.

    The lender could convert this $1 million debt to shares at $3.25 per share.

    If he wanted shares he would have been a private investor not a lender.

    Soon enough the 1st Q 06 report will be out (6 weeks+) and we will all have a first hand look.

    Until then keep your eye on the share price. The magic number is a PPS above $4.07.

    <<<spigyour sound concerned. Stick with fact spigyour, not B.S.>>>

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Do you read, basher? Come up to the present. Sure you have another day off from burger flippin', but your posts just don't jive with the price of QSND.

      I suggest you read a little about BRCM, QCOM and microQ. It might help you to understand why your SPAZ went to zero and QSND is actually .... hmmmmmm... hey.... look at the chart! It is just completing a head and shoulders bottom...

      Bottom?!!! Why would it be a bottom when you tell me QSND is about to be delisted?!!! Do you think microQ has something to do with it?

      Burger, have you ever thought about how you could make your money back, or did you lose all the money grandpa gave you in SPAZ?

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