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  • keeperoftheq keeperoftheq Jun 6, 2006 7:09 AM Flag

    Evestor2002=Voice of reason.


    You are correct. This company will do anything to shade the true cost of running the company.

    At best QSND recieved $243,000 is revenue for phones. Thatb is not very much considering phones are supposed to be the main money maker for QSND.

    The longs are getting desperate trying to pass off options and warrants as holding shares.

    There is a reason QSND need that $1 milion loan. We should be seeing that reason when the 2nd quarter results come out.

    The 2nd quarter is comin to a close with no revenue generating news.

    So much for the claims that BRCM will be landing a tier one OEM with a phone using QSND.

    Did you notice that the CEO did not mention BRCM releasing a BRCM/QSND phone in the 1st quarter report.

    The BRCM & QCOM deal is 2 years old and has not done anything to add value for the company.

    I know spigyour is saying BRCM & QCOM are coming, but we have been hearing that for 2 years now.

    I for one am looking for QSND to post another huge loss. I am also expecting a record low revenue for the 2nd quarter.

    The need for the $1 million loan supports this.

    Large investors dumping 1.5 million shares support this.

    Company insiders selling shares support this.

    Institutional investors dumping 40% of their shares support this.

    Major holder registering millions of shares for sale support this.

    Major players like the Belzbergs family are holding warants and not common shares support this.

    All the warning signs are in place.

    A thank you goes out to spigyour and evestor2002 for loaning me their shares so i can short and make a ton of money.

    I love using their shares so that I do not have to provide any up front cash.

    Shorting QSND is a no brainer.

    This topic is deleted.
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