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  • beam_me_up36 beam_me_up36 May 20, 2003 11:44 AM Flag

    Whatever happened to

    the centers of excellence? What are some new drugs coming in the next three years. The answer to all these questions is probably a big NOTHING. This management must be changed. They have nothing but mone away. They think they are Pfizer. Get real JP. You are not a leader. No one inside and outside likes you. Your own wife wants to make sure she gets money from GSK for putting up with you!

    Whoever sold the stock at >$40 is smart. I predict stock will be in the $20s.


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    • (Sorry, I hit enter by mistake - I'll finish my thought below)


      I think I've read previous posts from you or others that mentioned the reps morale was down. Why do you think that is? Sales seem to be steady or up, but maybe there's something that's wearing the reps down. Is the compensation being cut? How about the staffing levels? I'm just guessing the obvious causes since no one likes to have their pay cut or their jobs threatened, but whatever the cause I hope the low morale is temporary. There's no doubt that Sales ultimately drive the rest of the company.

      Are you a rep? If you are, what's the buzz in the sales circles? Sales is critical to any business, so I hope morale is getting the proper attention from the higher ups at GSK.

      Hang in there drugfollower. Remember the old saying that tough times never last, but tough people do.

    • drugfollower,

      I think I've read previous posts from you or others that mentioned the reps morale was down. Why do you think that is? Sales seem to be steady or up, but maybe there's something that's wearing the reps down. Is the compensation

    • So where was the "advice" and how is any of this crude? Notice they're all either replies to his rants anyway or notices of his silly behavior. Why don't you post his original messages too? You can feel sorry for him if you want to, but I do not consider being a schizophrenic, compulsive liar a permit to post any fantasy without rebuttal, nor is it an valid excuse for him refusing to accept responsibility for his actions.

      You also missed the post where I showed him where help is available for schizophrenics. Thanks once again for sharing your one sided view of the world.

    • I tried to end it earlier ... but some posters wouldn't let it go.

      I'm finished .. back to the RX business.

    • Work4livin2002 you ask
      <then tell me where I offered ANY advise to Carlos or show me ANY crude behavior.>

      Do you(or anyone else) really think the following comments are OK to express towards a known mentally ill individual? "I don't" ... as per your request a few of your golden oldies from the "SCH" board ---
      <48282-- Re: Misery Loves Company (GSK & SCH)
      by: work4livin2002 03/22/03 02:53 pm
      Msg: 48282 of 49875


      You are incredible! Although you're known as the Village Idiot on the GSK board, your posts here at SCH are even worse!!! I have great pity for those on the SCH board who have also endured your dribble. You make no sense at all! Try reality for a change you miserable nut case. It is frightening that mental midgets like you are walking around unfettered in society. I do have to admit that you have an incredible imagination, but your inability to distinquish reality from fantasy is disturbing to say the least. I'll continue to report your abuse of Yahoo and haunt you by calling for facts.>

      <#48356-- 4) You're an even bigger idiot than I gave you credit. I apologize. You're the Mother of all idiots!>

      <#48372-- He's a fired, 30 year old punk employee with an intense mental problem. He has been haunting the GSK board under several screen names for a few months now. If you don't understand him (and you won't) or you think he's nuts (and you will), he pulls the "God's gonna get you" crap with a holyier than thou attitude.>

      <#48362-- crosales, are you even capable of making sence or are you always incoherent?>

      <48335-- Crosales - Just when I think you have reached the pinnacle of ignorance, you surpass the boundaries.>

      <48292-- Crosales gems
      by: work4livin2002 03/22/03 10:16 pm
      Msg: 48292 of 49875
      Carlos - After searching your posts and it turns out you�re annoying more that the GSK board readers with your crap. Fired from Schwab � their fault of course. Couldn�t afford medical attention � but you somehow acquired Paxil. Then you make some of the most outrageous claims posted over & over. Below are direct quotes from your posted messages on the SCH and GSK boards. If you can read them & be proud of their content, you are indeed a Village Idiot. Back to ignore. You are repugnant.>

      <48291-- Re: work4livin2002 - Village Idiot RIGHT
      by: work4livin2002 03/22/03 10:09 pm
      Msg: 48291 of 49875
      Keep posting Carlos. Your big mouth and incredible dilusions speak for themselves. Did you miss that "Thou shall not lie" commandment or were you out that day? When was I or anyone else on the GSK board short or bullish? Check for facts or you'll only continue to prove yourself a fool. I also don't recall anyone looking for a drastic market upturn either. You must be listening to those voices in your thick head.

      By the way, your therapist called. Your brain won't be ready until next Thursday. Until at least then, yes, you remain the Village Idiot. >

      <48283-- It's a shame you missed that ride on the end of the Haley's comet tail with the rest of the kooks.>

      <48260-- Misery Loves Company
      by: work4livin2002 03/21/03 07:19 pm
      Msg: 48260 of 49875

      <Unfortunately, you are not alone. Carlos, aka crosales and countless other screen names, has also been blessing the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) board with his keyboard diarrhea for the past several months.>
      <he took a prescription neurological drug, but of course his own dimesia is someone elses fault, due to corporate greed, and blah, blah, blah.>

      <I intend to haunt this schizophrenic, compulsive liar just as he has haunted the GSK board.>

      In summary .. I hope Carlos has the medical help he needs ... found people that really care about him and his emotional problems.

    • Dear Workin:

      I also hope the lab can keep it going and the fact they are enthused is hopeful. However, the key people in the short etrm are the reps and the morale is low. The next couple weeks will be importamt based on Levitra so you may want to set a stop order.

      Don't bother with slower. I have had the same kind of banter with her because she feels obligtaed to protect the people who add nothing of value. The next post she makes that has some info or a company based opinion will be her first.

    • Until recently, I had no financial interest in GSK. When it got into the mid-30's I figured it couldn't stay there, so I bought some shares. Not much since I don't really play the market on any large scale, but it's nice to know I'm ahead already. I've read some very interesting things about recent genomics work and some old collegues are working at this in GSK. We haven't talked in any great detail about what they're doing, but in our short conversations they can't hide their enthusiasm. They're somewhat younger than me, but showing some excitment in the labs seems to be getting rare these days. It makes me feel like I've invested in a good effort and I hope they can keep the momentum going.

    • Once again, I'll ask you to go to the search box at the bottom, type in work4livin2002, click on the author box, then tell me where I offered ANY advise to Carlos or show me ANY crude behavior. Just as you confused the Captain with Technicals, you may have done the same with me. The only "advise" I gave to Carlos was to get help and stop posting his rants. I also sent him a web site for schizophrenia. None of this is crude.

      As you say "In America no matter how little knowledge you have or how ignorant you are, you have the right to tell how little you know". You've have obviously proven your own point.

    • Slower - if you re-read your own posts, I think you'll see you're starting to deliver the same kind of personal attacks that compromise the value of this board.

    • Point1/point1 find something more productive to do with your down time.

      Your Question--<Anyway, god told Carlos GSK is going to the 20's. Did god tell you the same?>

      Interesting question ... do "you" talk to God often??? What does he tell you to do?? I guest he blew it concerning timing of the BBH buy?

      Don't wait to long on BBH ... went from $65 to $120 share in the last 12 months.

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