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  • idb94 idb94 Dec 9, 2005 11:13 AM Flag

    IDBE is officially gone from Yahoo

    Hi guys please see attached it's a very sad day indeed.

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    • "Look, I don�t want to come off as some kind of crank here but something happened to Canada since that time. You�ve shirked any responsibility; you�ve withdrawn and taken a path of accommodation and reticence"

      Look I have no intention, of lecturing anyone. Some statements however have to be challenged and that is very different.
      What I do agree with you is your statement above. Something very wrong has happened to us in the last 30 years. Believe me when I say that I am part of a very large group that feels this way. Carolynn Parish was such an embarassment to us. We equate her comments to those of Howard Dean - surely you can appreciate the analogy....and probably as many people support Dean in your country as those who supported Parish here. This is the freedom of our systems. And in this world there are far too few countries right now willing to fight at the front for this freedom.....the US Britain and Australia stand alone. So no I do not stand here with my arms folded lecturing you.
      Iraq.....thats another matter. I personally would have stayed in Afghanistan soaking up the worlds support and thoroughly cleaned up that mess. Personal staement - no lecture.
      So don't be so cranky.
      I will sign off now and leave this MB to those interested in GSK.

    • and just for those canadians that need a MP Parrish fix, look on my profile.

    • add this to my last post.

      click watch the video option, then put on full screen...

      I actually registered my kid for the draft tonight, albeit he's not 18 yet... but it will stay on file until he is, then activate the registration.

    • �Canada fought in the Korean War along side the US.� Yes you did. But you like to talk about "late" as your justification to bash the USA, you weren�t exactly there from the git-go, and in fact your government initially put the kibosh on even going (see first link below for details) But as part of the 15 other members of the UN requested for support for the Americans, you sent 3 ships up the river thinking the conflict was about over. According to some historians, including a series on the History Channel, you wanted to get your pictures with the winners thinking it would be over quickly. But things took a turn and you had to stay and get involved. Canada lost 500 in that �police action� Vs. 54,000 Americans died. Additionally, the Philippines who along with the Brits and Americans made up the first expeditionary forces lost 400 out of 7000 that served 5 years in Korea. The Brits lost 865.

      The Canadian politics behind the decision to send troops

      Here is a report of a battle that involved Aussies and Canadians. A glimpse of a time, perhaps the last time, Canadians were recognized and honored for valor on the battlefield.

      Look, I don�t want to come off as some kind of crank here but something happened to Canada since that time. You�ve shirked any responsibility; you�ve withdrawn and taken a path of accommodation and reticence. But the most irksome aspect is your standing back with arms folded, and lecturing those who hold the umbrella of freedom over your heads. I don�t understand why you can�t just shut up, maybe even express some appreciation once in awhile, and assume your role as kept-women quietly.

    • That�s such a sad commentary on Canada that you have to go back 100 years to find some semblance of honor to post about. But ok, I�ll grant you all of that, and btw, Americans by the 1000's went to your aid before the US joined Russia and England's fight, and another btw, you had NO choice in WW1 and 2, you were a commonwealth country. England was in peril. Of course you had to fight.

      But you know, tough-talking-guy, that�s not the Canada we know now, is it? Now Canadians are regarded as spineless milquetoasts that effectively have no military force, but hope to God the USA will protect you (your air force, at last I knew, contained less than 100 aircraft, and that�s counting the Cessna King Air�s that you haul your top-heavy brass around in).

      Even your *obligatory* presence in Afghanistan under the terms of NATO, which you hope will save your asses if there�s a threat to your country (like China lobbing a few ICBM�s into your backyards to get your natural resources) is coddled, with easy duty in Kabul guarding the locals for the few 100 that are still there.

      You�ve accommodated the Muslim extremists by introducing a separate Shariah law that makes anyone familiar with those barbaric restrictions on woman and children blanch, You elect MP�s such as Parish that openly Hate Americans, you criticize and undermine our efforts in the WOT and give solace and refuge to our dissenters.

      Yeah, let�s all give up a cheer for our wonderful allies, the Canadians. These canadians like you who sit back *and remind us who our real enemy is.* You're good at that. Not much else.

    • Thanks for giving them a good history lesson. BobPS I am a american who likes and respects canadains.Bob
      And no need to appoligse about the GSK MB, they hijacked our company and will profit hansomely.

    • Your comments regarding Canadians are rubbish. You, Greensperm et al are foolish....and you appear to have forgotten who is the real enemy.
      Since your account of history seems to have started 35 years ago allow me to help you with some facts. And to my many American friends and business partners, my intention is in no way to insult you but is directed at these idiots. To GSK,I apologize for using your MB for this.
      Let us go back 100 years. In World War I, in the fight against fascist Germany we, along with the Commonwealth of nations, Russia and France entered the war at its onset. The US entered 3 years later in the April 6 1917. Canada declared war on Germany in World War II along with Britain in 1939. The US entered the war in 1942 after the Japanese invasion. Canada fought in the Korean War along side the US. After 911 there were 100,000 Canadians in Parliament Square standing in solidarity with our neighbours. We solidly supported the Afghan war tho we sent embarrasingly few troops.
      True we were not very supportive of the Vietnam War but history proved that it divided your country.
      You probably forget this one, but in Iran, when Islamists over ran the US embassy, it was the CANADIAN EMBASSADOR KEN TAYLOR who saved and rescued several US citizens. That was a great heroic act.
      So please spare me your gratuitous and frivolous near sighted comments. History is long. Save your comments on the real enemy. Those who behead our citizens, while still alive, on TV. Those suicide bombers who destroy innocent families in Bali, Madrid and London. And the 'brave' terrorist freedom fighters who killed all the little children and grandmothers in South Russia.

    • <<Bush is a trained Fighter Pilot.>>

      He gave up flight status, just as he pretty well gave up fulfilling his obligation, and got out early. Yes, after costing the government lots of money to be trained, he gave it up. So the operative word is 'was' not 'is'.

      And in case you never knew, being drafted was a SIX year obligation, with two years active duty. And wonder why our drill sergeants called members of the National Guard 'draft dodgers'? Well, it was because everyone knew it was a ticket out of Vietnam, unlike the current situation in Iraq.

      <<As for Canada, like it or not, the Canadian company just acquired �IDBE - is a reflection of their politics and obligations.>>

      Now, on point. It is valid to ask the question of just what type of corporate culture GSK will impose on IDBE, and also the employment obligations Canadians might enjoy. In Europe, it is not easy to terminate an employee. It is valid to ask how IDBE operations will mesh with the rest of GSK; will they be folded into GSK Biologicals, or operate as an independent unit? It is also valid to ask who pocketed the most money from this transaction. Did closing this deal before the end of the year give some people a large bonus? These are valid shareholder questions.

    • You keep harping on the Nat�l Guard choice as some kind of faux-deserter status. I looked at that option when I was making up my mind and it was a 6 year commitment vs. two in the Army. And there was nobody guarantying I wouldn�t end up over in VN anyway if I joined for 6 years. (You have the benefit of hindsight. Btw, The Nat�l Guard is definitely in Iraq now, so that �dodge� is moot.)

      Bush is a trained Fighter Pilot. How far do you think you�ll get with this attempt to smear him? Attack him in some other way, if that is your wont.

      As for you fussing around about what has this to do with GSK; I looked and thru the halcyon days of the late 90�s to now this MB has averaged about 3 posts a day. Somehow I think there�s a little room for some gratuitous commentary. It�s the world we live in. As for Canada, like it or not, the Canadian company just acquired �IDBE - is a reflection of their politics and obligations. Investment decisions should take that into consideration.

      Back to the Canadian memorial; you�re not interested but others may be. You scorn their commentary but here�s the VFW viewpoint of the attempt by our illustrious allies to the North.

    • << I�ll say the emigrants to Canada were worried they�d get their asses shoot off.>>

      So did essentially all those who hid out in the National Guard. Except some who joined the National Guard actually served their duty. Again, what does this have to do with GSK?

      I suspect your story (link) is a bit of hyperbole, but again is has nothing to do with GSK. And you would not even want to know my opinion of the VFW (and I am eligible to join).

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