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  • DrOpposite DrOpposite Apr 7, 1999 2:00 PM Flag

    And Finally, notes on Kosovo #7

    On Msft April 7, 1999:

    Knowing the
    potential scenario of the dynamics of Kosovo and NATO's
    excessive attacks including the entire Serbia changes and
    quickens the end result. Instead of a damped oscillitary
    affect of NATO's involvement, the end result has already
    been predicted and the drive to that goal has
    accelerated causing an elimination of part of the oscillatory
    forces. The drive to displace the Albanians has been
    accelerated to a one sweep attempt. The scenario has the end
    result of dealing with one hundred thousand or so
    refugees. It was correct because there will be that many
    that will not go back to Kosovo no matter how many
    assurances from NATO or any other protection organization.

    The US military did not want to get involved in the
    ground war and they are right with thier position
    because of the terrain and "moral" objective associated
    with a "win". In addition, it may be good for the
    democrats to just get most of the dominate Kosovo trend
    over with in short order so that it significantly
    diminishes it's affect on the next presidential election.
    The Russian's wanted to see a partial failure of NATO
    and would expend significant resource to see that to
    protect the paranoid soviet element in the Russian
    defense. The drug-runner element wants stability in the
    European theatre because of the cash element and
    geo-political stance so the war should not spread to the
    macedonia-greek borders. All taken into account, today's
    situation is in the realm of reason but there is a couple
    hundred thousand extra refugees.

    Opposite, an unauthorized version of Blane Laubis's

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    • long GLX karol

    • Some of the information you may be looking for
      may be found in the GLX report to stock holders wich
      was recently sent out along with proxies.

      don't see why the share value lost 10+ points in the
      past week and 1/2. Any thoughts on that?

    • In 1998 Glaxo Wellcome's sales increased 4%, at
      constant exchange rates, to (million pounds sterling)
      7,983. This was considered extraordinary in light of the
      loss of patent coverage on their 2 largest products.
      Sales excluding Zantac increased 13%. Zantac is now
      only 9% of total sales. Sales excluding Zantac and
      Zovirax increased 17%. Zovirax is now only 5% of total
      sales. Retrovir (AZT or zidovudine) single active
      formulations accounted for less than 2% of 1998 sales.

      Sales (million pounds sterling) by therapeutic
      area were:
      Respiratory, 2193, +24%
      1348, -2%
      (excluding Zovirax +15%)
      CNS, 1231,
      Anti-bacterial, 836, +2%
      GI, 761, -42%
      Oncology, 480,
      Cardiovascular, 260, +17%
      Dermatology, 243, +9%
      96, +4%
      All others, 535, +11%

      anti-viral therapies include: Zovirax, Valtrex, Combivir,
      Epivir, Retrovir, Ziagen, Wellferon, Lamivudine, and
      (soon to come) Agenerase.

      HIV sales (million
      pounds sterling) were:
      Combivir, 267, new
      359, -11%
      Retrovir, 150, -46%
      total portfolio,
      779 (I notice this is off by 3), +10%

      sales (million pounds sterling) were:
      Valtrex, 133,
      Zovirax, 403, -27%
      total portfolio, 536, -15%.

      I found this information on the Glaxo Wellcome
      website and the Yahoo financial website. I do not have a
      good idea where to look for patient/prescription
      numbers. Hope this helps.


    • this dialogue of ours has been lots-o-fun but
      it's really not fair to everyone else to continue.
      Besides, you're startin' to scare me a little. I'm not a
      doctor, but you're obviously more than a tad paranoid.
      (I'm guessing there are also feelings of sexual
      inadequacy as well) You really should seek some help.
      Really, all kidding aside, I'm serious about that. Good

    • conditionedbythesystem conditionedbythesystem Apr 18, 1999 12:53 PM Flag

      See , that's exactly what I mean : you know
      nothing about GLX or their products , cause you can't
      answer a simple question !!!
      Oh , I've seen people
      like you !!
      They think they know it all !
      when they are asked to answer a question :
      what , they don't know the answer and they start using

      words like frickin' , beggin' , fuckin'
      Who's the
      loser now ?

    • Are you out of your frickin' mind? No one cares if you go long or short. You're a loser. Everyone on this board knows you're a loser. Please, I'm beggin'ya, stay off this board!

    • From 8 "words" down to 4 !!
      See , that's what
      I mean !
      Who's the loser now ?
      I'm not in the
      shorting business , but if there are more gamblers like
      you who are buying GLX , then it might be wise to
      overlook my decision of not shorting GLX .
      It's obvious
      you know not even shit , unless you can show me

      some evidence of your knowledge .
      8-4-2-0 ?

    • go home you loser.

    • conditionedbythesystem conditionedbythesystem Apr 17, 1999 12:22 PM Flag

      Are you an investor ?
      Probably not !
      Me ,
      I'm trying to find some information .
      And instead
      of making yourself look stupid , you too should
      to find information like this , how else can you
      monitor the
      performance of GLX ?
      Who's the loser
      now ?
      Show me some evidence you know something
      about this company and
      its products .

    • get the f*ck off this board you loser.

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