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  • dadufuss dadufuss Oct 23, 2012 3:56 PM Flag

    November 7

    A very important date in our country's future...The recovery will have 4 more years to repair the damage done by the Bush regime...The economy will continue to improve, the Republicans left in Congress will now be forced to cooperate or face being replaced at the next earliest opportunity...As our economy improves so will that of Europe and the momentum will swing back toward better times for all. Zoltek will weather the economic storm as they have in the past as their balance sheet is in far better shape than it has been for years and carbon fiber will continue to move industry to a new horizon in multiple manufacturing opportunities. There is no possible way to achieve energy independence without wind as a player and you can rest assured that President Obama's goal is to make that a priority. As technology continues to provide new opportunities for inovation and ideas, carbon fiber is and will continue to be a part of the equation..Low cost commercial grade CF is not only a goal of Zoltek but becoming a reality much faster than ever before and the company is well positioned to take advantage of whatever opportunities arise. What most people don't realize is, although the U.S. is somewhat indebted to China, the majority of the national debt is owed to people right here in all the talk about being owned by the Chinese is just political garbage. Americans will continue to support their own country as always and as the economy continues it's recovery from the Bush Depression, Americans will reap the rewards of their faith in the American system led by the Obama Administration...

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    • Quit drinking Zoltek's CEO Kool Aid, you will end up like Jimmy Jones,

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      • It continues to amaze me how people who supposedly are of average intelligence continue to look at history and lie to themselves about what happened.....4 years ago, losing 700,000 jobs a month, terrorism on our doorstep, facing the second big depression, Wall Street cheating and stealing us blind, the Dow at 6,000 and fading, unapproved and unfunded war in multiple countries, the U.S. auto industry in shambles, the housing market collapsing and foreclosures galore and yet people continue to argue for more of that....Just another example of the reason the country is in trouble....We need a vaccine to eradicate stupidity....Now who is drinking kool-aid you goober? BTW, Jim Jones was a registered Republican

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    • Obama will only champion wind if they contributed big to his election campaign. You can blame this on Bush as much as you want but the last four years have only gotten worse. Big business is not supported by Obama. He will force more and more companies out of the US. The sad thing is, if Obama gets elected again, it will take four more years for his supports to realize what a mistake they made. Look at your bank account now because after 4 more years of Obama it will be gone. Of course if you support Obama, you won't care because you believe in giving your money to the people who don't work anyway.

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      • "Giving my money to people who don't work anyway" was a non-issue until the Bush Depression put so many out of work there weren't enough jobs to go around...Sadly, the very people you support, caused the unemployment problem, and now you #$%$ about people with no jobs needing assistance...You got exactly what you wanted and you want more of it...and you blame the very people who are fixing the mess....I bet your siblings got a lot of punishment for things you did and wouldn't admit as a child...

      • The economic state of this country no longer has anything to do with Bush. Blame it all on the obstructionist republicans in congress. Half the crap they were voting against were their own ideas before Obama put them forth. Really, Obama is more of a republican than they are. The fact that Obama has been able to turn things around as much as he has is reason enough to give him four more years. How anyone would vote for a party that has let this country langush and Americans suffer for four years just to defeat an opponent, a party doing everything they can to supress the vote because their ideas are not supported by the majority of Americans, is unfathomable to me. Today's republicans are just petulant children caring only about regaining power at any cost to the country. Romney says anything he thinks the audience he's in front of wants to hear. He has at one time or another taken either side of every issue. How would you know which Romney you'd get if you voted for him? The republicans are a far greater danger to this nation than Al Queda and a nuclear Iran combined.

      • scott2536 Oct 23, 2012 7:56 PM Flag

        2012 has been my best year ever in the stockmarket and we have 2 months to go
        . How did you do?

      • When asked by Bob Scheffer, "Governor Romney, You say you will increase spending on the military and Navy in particular. How do you plan on paying for it?" And Romney did his usual facial expressions, hand jestures and changed the subject...This lying, double talking muppet couldn't carry President Obama's briefcase...Plus, he walks like he is wearing a buttplug....just sayin...