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  • gripose gripose Jan 31, 2013 2:16 PM Flag

    Want Jobs

    Germany has initiated an off shore wind project that is going to be 7 times the area of NYC. The study has already be completed on the idea that if a wind farm was built across the US east coast that it would supply enough energy to run All houses, cars, trucks, to the Mississippi. I am dumb but would such a project change the employment picture of the country?

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    • If the project makes economic sense (produces energy cheaper than other sources and the energy is needed), it will create economic value.

      If the project produces economic value, it will produce job during construction and after.

      If the project does not make economic sense, it will rob resources from the productive project and ultimately reduce employment.

      Only government can survive projects that do not make economic sense, therefore it is the source of most projects that make no economic sense.

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      • Exactly. Nuclear power is a perfect case in point. The only way they can survive is with the government backing them, with the public there to cover their losses, should an accident such as Chernobyl or Fukushima occur (see the Price Anderson Act).

        Regarding economic value, let's make sure that you're taking into account the cost of negative externalities, when talking about one energy form that's cheaper than others. Oil may look cheap, but when you look at the related death and sickness, military costs, environmental costs (including storms like Sandy), subsidies, etc., it becomes clear that the real economic value of oil is much lower than what we might figure when looking at the cost of generation.

      • yes need clean energy, desperately. Wind in cheapest source. Makes sense. Windmills as far as the eye can see, onshore and off. This is everyone but the suits...and their trolls.