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  • amandforallseasons amandforallseasons Jul 22, 2013 1:08 PM Flag

    BIG MOVE !

    Why the big move today ?

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    • 6 consecutive profitable quarters with a 7th on the horizon....The bozos ignore what makes stocks go up by reading all kinds of anal giberish into what is a fact.....The critics, most of which are short sellers, try to support their weak hand by facial expressions and hand jestures while never allowing facts to screw up a good story.. You know who you are....

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      • good ole, daddyfusser. so wonderfully and dunderfully simple. you clearly do not understand what leads to long-term value creation. it is one thing: increasing cash flow. you can increase cash flow two ways that have merit: revenue growth (assuming it has the same cash flow characteristics as existing revenue) and improving return on invested capital.

        since neither of those are the case with zolt at the moment (or over the past 7 quarters), as revenue has been mostly declining, but varies, and return on invested capital isn't improving, this appears to be a situation where investors are placing bets on the "stalking horse" situation with QP rather than the sturdy fundamentals of the company.

        so, toot your horn all you want. you can trumpet the wild success of 7 consecutive profitable quarters, but if that level of profitability (cash flow) is declining, value destruction is taking place, regardless of what the share price may indicate. i'd suggest you sit back and stop reminding us how little you understand about anything.

    • jsbuhrman Jul 22, 2013 1:13 PM Flag

      scott2536, optimader, dadofuss, momofuss, gripose, we need your input. What's going on???

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      • We have reached the squeeze price of $15...The quiet at Zoltek is making the shorts very nervous and causing a bit of worry.....There is a deal in the works and the quarter numbers are going to be dynamite....

      • "scott2536, optimader, dadofuss, momofuss, gripose, we need your input. What's going on???"
        You are leaning on a rotten stick there, jsbuhrman.
        1) You're likely to get 5 different answers
        and B) They're all likely to be wrong.

        There used to be a few folks around here who knew something about CF, business, and finance.
        They're mostly gone.
        The rest of these mokes just make believe they do.

      • and patt

      • How about we are getting close to a decision being made by Zsolt and information is leaking out. One speculation might be that he has cooked some deal with some partner(s) in order to preserve his substantial role and input in the future of Zoltek-- many options of which would be far preferable for Zsolt to the risks of a fight over control of the company-- in which his future dreams could go down the drain very quickly.

        Of course this is merely speculation...however, whatever decisions are being made now could spur some new partners to acquire additional shares in order to maximize or preserve control of the company, depending upon how things shake out....

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • I did notice that there 0 puts have been bought today.
        Now that the July 20th options have expired, it seems the lid has been popped open on this one. The shorts are being squeezed