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  • fane.jane fane.jane Apr 21, 2011 10:25 AM Flag

    I sent my letter to all Chinese folks

    Dear Embassy rpresentatives:

    Please contact the Chinese government and President Hu Jintao to look into the business of the following Chinese comapnies that are listed and trading in U.S exchange. If you look at their lows and highs, they all are scams look-alike and I think there are some thing very fishy about these comanies and investors have been losing so much money from investing their money in the list of companies below, the reason I wrote this letter is that I am losing my money in PUDA company and I want the crooked CEOs/companies should be punished by the Chinese government and we don't want to see the China's morality, dignity and decency going down the hill. I am an Asian and I know there are a lot more Chinese students are currently attending at top 10 U.S universities and their parents are from China.

    4 from the list are being halted are ccme, rino, cbeh and puda.
    01> CHINA
    02> LLEN
    03> CNAM
    04> SCOK
    05> STP
    06> JASO
    07> CPSL
    08> SOL
    09> YGE
    10> CAGC
    11> RINO
    12> DEER
    13> CISG
    14> WATD
    15> DGW
    16> ONP
    17> XING
    18> CBEH
    19> RINO
    20> CCME
    21> SBAY
    22> UTA
    23> YONG
    24> GFRE
    25> NEP
    26> LPH
    27> CGA
    28> LDK
    29> QXM
    30> LLEN
    31> NEP
    32> UTA
    33> PUDA

    Thank You.


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